What color for Onatah GM?

  1. I'm thinking of getting my mom an Onatah GM. She's a casual person who loves shoulder bags so I thought it would be perfect! There's only 1 problem: I can't decide on a color!:wacko:

    1.Cacao (brown)- nice color, but in pics the monogram barely seems to show.

    2.Arago (orange)- seems nice, but the monogram also appears hard to see and I'm worried that the color is too bright.

    3.Mais (yellow)- I like how the monofram shows but am worried about the darkness of it in the elux pic (seems dirty)

    So if anyone owns one or has a preference, your post would be appreciated!:biggrin:
  2. Cacao (brown) it looks better in person then the internet you are must be a good daughter.
  3. I prefer the brown, I like how the pattern is more subtle, and with suede, if it gets dirty it will never be clean again so the yellow is in serious danger if used regularly !
  4. The brown is a very neutral color and would match outfits more than the yellow or orange but I personally would choose the orange because it is more vibrant and just plain cute.
  5. I'd say brown...not necessarily because its the nicest...but because it'll last the longest IMO :biggrin:
  6. i have the brown one, it is very beautiful, the pictures online don't do justice... i can post pictures if you want
  7. Brown. You won't have to worry as much about the color transfer with the brown color since it's dark.

    Here's a picture I took, hope it will give you a better feel for the color:

  8. I agree I LOVE the brown... I was speaking to my SA and she said they have had two bags for cleaning already:sad2: a yellow one & orange one an they could not remove the marks from them:sad: How are you finding your GM???
  9. I love the yellow.
  10. brown for me too
  11. YELLOW!!!:love: :love: :love:
  12. i mean...i would love a yellow one for me, but a brown one is doubtless easier to match with every outfit....your mother's really lucky!
  13. Brown....
  14. :love: BrOwN:love:
  15. The yellow look real nice IRL but I also like the brown.