What Color for My Next Bag?

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  1. Hi Gals,

    I have very quickly become an b bag addict. I just started buying b bags a couple of months ago and now own: truffle city, bordeaux first, bordeaux city, camel first, and ink twiggy.

    Unfortunately, I am not good at self restraint...I wish I had taken more time to figure out what color, year, style, etc. to choose.

    I tend to wear browns, black, blues, plums, wines, etc. (no pastels). What color should I get? I'm thinking - grenat, indigo, blueberry??? I also keep hearing about how the leather in the past was much better...if I buy a grenat from '06, will it be too veiny? I really want a thick, smooshy bag that everyone talks about....Thanks!
  2. I personally wouldn't get Grenat if you have 2 Bordeaux already - JMO

    I vote for Griege or Blueberry :P (my two faves!)
  3. I wish I would have known that the bordeaux is more on the purple side vs. the brown side:sad:

    How similar is blueberry to ink?

  4. Not similar at all if you ask me!
    I would compare Ink more to Black but in bright light it is purple-ish.
    Blueberry is a very Jewel-toned Blue.
  5. yummy blueberry!!!
  6. I have a blueberry day and it is a very nice royal blue, but more on the navy side IMO. Also I think it will go well with the colors you like to wear and look good with your other Bbags:biggrin:
  7. blueberry
  8. [​IMG]
  9. [​IMG]
  10. OK, my pics aren't working! I was trying to show you Blueberry, Ink and Black side by side...

    the only ones that posted are Blueberry and Ink
  11. [​IMG]
  12. and they are still small when you click on them! agghhh! I give up :shrugs:
  13. you have a nice collection so far... and it sounds like you need black next. get an earlier season if you can, so the leather is thick and smooshy. you won't regret it!
  14. I just love the grenat and I picked a thick and smushy one without any veins but I had the possibility to pick from about 7 bags because it was the beginning of the season. Blueberry has a cold undertone and it sounds like that you perfer colours with warmer undertones. Why don't you wait until the new colours are coming out.
  15. Why not sapin or emerald, depends if you like green both are really nice as well and go well with brown, beige etc...
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