What color for MiuMiu Bow Satchel

  1. I am having trouble deciding what color to buy in the bow satchel I love the bag and reading these posts have been great. So what color black or brown? I love the smoke gray but it seems to gone. Barneys has a nude available but not sure about that color. All comments welcome.

  2. I have seen the nude.. it looks kinda peachie.. nice color though.. I like the carmel actually and the grey is already out of stock in my store here. Have reserved the carmel but still comtemplating about whether to purchase or not.. hee...
  3. I am not normally a black purse person but now I am lemming BIG BIG time for a black bow satchel. Maybe I have too many shades of brown bags but I think this bag looks better in a dark colour anyway. But I am really want it in black.
  4. It depends on what you already have... I got the dark brown one and loving it :heart: but most of my other bags are black.. so.. that's why. IMO, dark brown is very versatile and not as boring as black!
  5. Black for sure!!! :smile:
  6. Thanks for the feedback. I thinking is the best choice for me (most pratical?).

  7. Not sure what was wrong with me with the last post - maybe the excitement of my inpending purchase. What I was saying was i think the black will be the most practical......but is being practical overrated???
  8. I vote for Smoke grey...I ordered mine from Japan and she's on her way to me (will post pics very soon).

    If u can't find grey, my second choice will be nude pink. I was hesitated b/t grey and nude at the beginning, as i really think both are unique colors.

    Good luck!!!:okay:
  9. I have the grey and I would recommend it if you can find it. It seems to be sold out everywhere in the US though.My second choce would be black as I think it shows the hardware off very nicely and It's very practical.
  10. did you see the camel in the other thread? Its gorgeous!
  11. Ok I have changed my mind yet again. 3rd time I believe :p Went to the store, gray was out but I saw the gray on other bags and I was blown away.
  12. hehhe I was like that when I was buying my coffer
  13. I realized yesterday the black bow satchel at Saks was the tall one (the Vitello). Could not find black in the Vit Lux (smaller) anywhere. I ordered the chocolate brown from NAP last night. If anyone has a clue where to get the black please let me know. Are there 3 sizes -small, medium, large?
  14. If I am not wrong, theres a satchel (S), Vit Lux (M or aka shopper) and Vitello (L aka tall). From another, it seems that there is an XS. Even smaller than the current satchel.
  15. The Miu Miu store in New York left a message for me a couple of days ago that they had a few in the black. You might try them. I got the grey instead, and I love it!