What color for a weekender?

  1. Hi everyone, I decided that I wanted to buy a weekender... went to Barneys today and did have a rich brown one from 2007 3, which I think was Sienna? It that right?

    It was a very pretty bag, but I don't know if I want one in such a dark color or if a light color would be too much in such a big bag?

    I know a lot have the larger bags, any thoughts on light vs. dark colors?

  2. I think the Weekender looks best in darker colours, like black, plomb, vert fonce etc. IMHO it makes it look less gigantic, and also more practical as both a travel & everyday bag.

    That being said, it can look gorgeous in the lighter colours too. Unfortunately I think its a matter of personal preference.
  3. I have the WE in 05 Magenta and 04 Eggplant, i use them as everyday bags! The more you use it the more beautiful and slouchy it becomes! I love my bright Magenta but thats because I mainly wear black and grey so love my bags to WOW! Saying that if you get a more neutral colour and use it as a travel bag it will go with any colour bag you decide to carry with it! I dont think you can go wrong with a beautiful classic black or yummy brown! Just be prepared for that breaking in as it does look huge new until it gets slouchy!!!!
  4. I would only get a weekender in a dark color. Less scuff marks and stuff will be noticable.
  5. I have an 04 khaki weekender...nice, vintage feel to it. I think a darker color is more practical since you will probably stuff it with things and (maybe) use it for travel? Less chance of showing wear, IMO.
  6. i tried a greige weekender on once and found it huge on me. i thought the style wasn't for me until i tried my vert foncé weekender on and i just fell in love. the leather was sooooo soft, so smooshy, i think you should feel the leather and go for the one you love best. for me darker colors make this style look smaller and therefore, easy to carry as an everyday bag and that was objective. if i spent this amount of money i want to wear the bag everyday.
    i saw some magenta weekenders' pictures, i drooled, so beautiful...
    vert foncé weekender.jpg
  7. I just bought a Vert D'Eau WE and I would oneday like to own a brown one. I love the style so much!
  8. I own a Grey WE and it is very very slouchy and smooshy, but I tend not to use it much because it is a lighter color and I'm petrified of dirtying/damaging it, which is a shame, because it is so soft and collapses in a heap of bbaggoodness!

    If it's for an everyday bag, I think a darker color will be best!
  9. I had a weekender in Sienna - it was GORGEOUS in this color but I found this bag to be just too big for me.
  10. Thank you all! While I love all of the bright colors, I think for me it would probably be better in a darker color...I just have to figure out which. I usually go for pinks and blues...maybe a dark blue?

    Thank you again!
  11. a deep blue would be perfect. because the WE is a large bag, a darker colour won't make it look even larger. this is my rationale, apart from considering factors like wardrobe, shoes, and frequency of usage.
  12. I have an 05 black weekender and know for a fact that I could only feel comfortable carrying that much leather in a darker colour.

    Its just too much of a risk to get dirty. WE's to me just look best in dark colours e.g. a dark red, blue, etc etc. Nothing light since it just seem a bit too impractical to keep clean. With a dark one you can knock it around and not worry about it since it will only look better. Unlike a light colour which would look worse with alot of continuous use.
  13. anthracite!!

  14. Thank you! I also wanted a Blueberry color bag, so this would take 2 off of my wishlist at the same time... only to add more I'm sure! Unfortunately, I'm in NYC, so I have to wait another hour or so to try calling, I forgot the time difference!