What color for a wallet?

  1. I just bought my first BV in black and I'm now looking at buying accessories (i.e. wallet and cosmetic bag). What color do you all suggest? Do you match your wallet or buy a different color? I am torn between black, limo and poudre. Black would seem most practical if I wanted to use it with another bag in the future. But I am leaning toward limo to be different. This all may sound silly but I can't decide!
  2. I was deciding the same thing and decided on Black. I love the Limo color but I was worried about the light color.
  3. I think Poudre would be especially lovely with black (I love black with pale pink)! :heart: :heart: :heart:

    But, I agree, it's certainly less practical. :yes: Of course, it's a muted pink, anyway, so that would help hide the dirt a bit!

    I think it really depends on how hard you are on your stuff and how often and for how long you intend to use it.

    If you are fairly easy going on things and/or will be able to afford to replace the wallet, in the next few years; go for it! :biggrin:

    If I needed the wallet to last for a good few years, I'd, personally, probably go for a compromise colour, like Noce or Ebano (as I love black with brown, too).

    But I know some people from the US don't like mixing black and brown.
  4. I love to mix black with other colors. Chloe, I agree that black is awesome with pale pink. I would probably go with a black wallet because of soil reasons. I wouldn't want to worry about getting it dirty all the time.
  5. I just got my first BV bag last month in black too. I'm going to get a wallet in black. It won't show age as much - and goes with everything.
  6. For a wallet, I think a darker color would be better since it's handled a lot.
  7. I don't think you have to match everything. I have a bunch of different things in my purse. Black woven wallet, Limo woven zip card case, and a cosmetic case in the butterfly fabric (the limo again, but the quarzo would be cute). If I'd found an accessory in poudre I'd have pounced on it--I think that would be perfect as an accessory to a darker wallet.
  8. I went for Ebano cos I wanted a classic colour, and felt that the weave showed up better than in black.

    In your case, I think I'd def go for a wallet in Limo, cos that's such a pretty neutral colour!! Bummer that I'd got my wallet a season before the Limo was introduced.

    Agreed with the other ladies that a wallet in the various shades of pinks would be so pretty too! Anything in Old Petra would be gorgeous, even with signs of use IMO :yes:
  9. i would like the French Flap Wallet in Old Petra, if it ever comes out in that color. currently the local boutique only carries it in Nero, Ebano and Magnolia.
  10. I don’t think you need to match wallet to bag. Moreover, I love the idea of collecting the various BV colours. Ebano will always have a soft spot in my heart and Noce is really growing on me. Limo and Pergamena are such neutrals and would transcend seasons. And do not even start me on the variations of pinks and lilacs. Absolutely divine. :heart:

    If you like a particular seasonal colour and style, my advice is to get it before it’s all gone. The classics (Nero, Ebano, Noce, Bianco) will always be there. Have fun choosing!
  11. I don't think you have to match your bag and wallet. I bought a red Jimmy Choo wallet which I carry with my black bags and with my browm BV. I do think the limo color is very special and would vote for it.