What color for 2nd Veneta.....?

  1. Okay, so I got my dream BV large Veneta in black. I'd like to get another one this summer and was having a hard time choosing a color.

    My first thought was the darker brown color - but now i'm wondering if the lighter brown would be better. I'm kind of scared of white - although i'm sure it would be lovely.

    Does anyone have the light brown color? Reviews, info photos? Too light? Should I stick with the dark brown color?
  2. Personally, I love the dark brown, but IMO it is so close to having black. I think you should go for a different color. What are your top two other choices if you pass on the dark brown? Maybe we can vote.
  3. How about the Limo (soft gray)? It is a great neutral colour that is also seasonless.
  4. I do agree with the soft gray...it is really beautiful!
  5. I guess it depends on a few things. Are you looking for a bag particularly to use in the summer? In that case, I think a lighter brown works well. If you're using it for the whole year, if your wardrobe browns are more darker than light I'd go with the darker brown and vice versa.
  6. Humm, good questions. I guess I thought maybe I should get a lighter color if my other veneta is a black one.

    more thinking...
  7. I have both the light and the dark brown. The light brown is a great warm colour, but nothing beats the sheen of the dark brown bottega. I bought a large hobo in dark brown last year in Rome and have been wearing it to death through the seasons since then. In Summer, it looks fabulous with light-coloured linen, very Mediterennean Riviera! I know you have the black one, but I think any Bottega lover needs a bag in the dark brown.
  8. ^^Q. are there TWO dark brown BV colors? The one I saw a Saks, was a deep chocolate color with a HINT of red - almost mahogany to it. It was very subtle though.
  9. Ebano is the dark brown we see often (dark chocolate brown) and Nero is the very deep brown that is almost black. I don't remember which styles are done in Nero.
  10. I think Nero is actually black. It is Moro which is a deep deep brown that is near black (see the thread on Ebano). However, Moro is not commonly found (not too sure if its considered a classic), seems more like a special edition colour.
  11. Humm, i'm thinking I saw the ebano color at Saks now...
  12. Prolly! Since Ebano is more common than Moro me thinks.

    But if you're considering brown, what about Noche? It's the hazelnut brown, which is really pretty. A manager at my office has the medium Veneta in Noche, and it's TDF :yes:

    Otherwise, Limo would be a great alternative too!
  13. Bottega Veneta makes one of the best dark brown colors (ebano). Noce also looks quite good if you're looking for a lighter brown. Otherwise, I also vote for limo.
  14. I think it will be ebano when the time comes....I'm on a bit of a purse ban until summer!!!
  15. I'd go for the limo color just so it looks different from your black one.