What color--fashion consult please

Ok I'm a bit embarassed but between having trouble with visually discerning colors and after being a SAHM for a few years I am no longer in touch....I'm finally coming out of my haze and am trying to get my sass back but need some help. My bag fund is mine again so I would like to finally buy a bag....Here is my question: I know blue bags of all shades are in now however, most of my tops are in the blue and green family. What color bag, then, would work for me? Crunch or otherwise. I've been admiring Blossom... Toasted Almond & Dove are too light....Thanks in advance for your expertise!
^^Alas TK no I didn't make up a choice. I wanted to delete because I sounded like a kook. I have raging PMS AND analysis paralysis a/k/a the curse of the Libra, and I was too embarassed to leave my thread up. I shouldn't be allowed to post when my hormones are out of whack!:shame::upsidedown::alien:>>That's who was here today instead of me, my poor boys!


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Feb 23, 2008
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LOL...Don't be embarassed! Truly, I'm not the best person to be responding to this bc I'm challenged when it comes to anything to do with color coordination, design, etc. But I think a nice darker neutral grey would be nice. Dark browns also look nice with blue clothes.


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Mar 15, 2009
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No reason to be embarassed!!

I think orange (tangerine looks awesome this season!) or blossom pink would look awesome with all shades of blue!!


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Jun 26, 2009
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Who hasn't posted here and thought better of it later?! You are in good company. I like the suggestion of dark grey, and also the orange. Can you tell us more about what you like?


Jun 18, 2008
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Don't be sorry - I love threads like these! People always suggest color combos I never would've considered which is fun. It sounds like you wear similar colors to me - my blues and greens tend to be bright jewel toned shirts, so if it's the same for you I'd go with Dove or Toasted Almond. I hope that helps some!


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Feb 26, 2008
Awh for sure, don't be embarrassed! If people didn't ask questions like these, we wouldn't need TPF!

I would love a blossom bag with lots of blue/aqua shirts... otherwise a nice bright aqua is great (lagoon? wave?) or blossom would be fantastic too! An orange would be divine as well... I wear a lot of blue/aqua too and pink is probably the color I wear most to compliment them since orange doesn't look as good on me.

Good luck and hope the pms goes away - ugh!
Thanks all for your kind comments and your suggestions. I'm off the ledge now--a lot of advil and a good night sleep helped. The older I get the worse I feel geesh.....Anyway on to the important matter at hand....I went through my spring clothes to see where my tendencies lie--aside from white, the most prevalent colors in my spring wardrobe are Navy/Aqua/ranges of soft blues and greens with silver or vintage vibe jewlery. I have Truffle already so that is working nicely but it will be too dark for me eventually. I grabbed an orange shirt of my son's and while I love this color on him, I don't like it for myself. It is not a flattering color on me unfortunately. I like the idea of Blossom and while I thought TA may be too light, its growing on me. I'm just afraid of color transfer or it being easy to mark up. Dove and greys sound good too. I know from my needs it would need to be a Boogie or similar bucket bag. All I know is if I don't buy a bag soon, my head is going to explode!


Aug 6, 2006
^Yellow IS pretty with both blue and green :smile: I think Blossom too and even though I know you were afraid TA would mark, I am really liking the new marshmallow :love: I am curious how it would hold up if treated?
I did it, I ordered a Boogie in Blossom! I couldnt make up my mind so I went out to do some yardwork--clear out the junk on the lawn and in my head. I let my heart decide and Blossom won. Now I hope that I like it of course! I have a feeling a lot more yardwork is going to get done to take my mind of waiting!