What color Evelyne should I buy?

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  1. Hello all!
    After having a frustrating b-day, I have decided to purchase an evelyne. This would be my FIRST H bag. I am currently on the wait list for an etoupe 35 birkin with PH.
    The SA told me that the PM would be best for my size. I am 5'3"
    Any thoughts??
  2. I'm actually very tempted by this bag and never thought I would be, it seems very low maintenance in as much as I wouldn't have to be as precious about it as my Birkin.

    I'm thinking of going for rouge H or black
  3. The biggest decision is whether you want a neutral (light or dark) or a color. Since you are waiting for an etoupe Birkin, I am taking that you like neutrals. Evelynes are easy to come by, so make sure you get exactly what you want. Clemence comes in many colors and that is the leather I most often see Evelynes in. Don't forget about hardware! Gold, Palladium AND Permabrass.
  4. You might want to try on both sizes if you can. I'm 5'4" and felt the PM was just a tad small for me so I went with the GM.

    I vote raisin :nuts: but if your Birkin is going to be etoupe, maybe you want something bright in your Evelyne?
  5. I have a PM Evelyne, gold ,clemence ,with permabrass HW.

    I tried the GM and thought it looked too large.
    I am 5'5" and 128 lbs.

    If you care to see my Evelyne,and my 35 Birkin let me know?
    I am in the GTA more or less.
  6. I thought I would buy a PM (myself being 5'), but I was drawn to the GM. Maybe it's because I'm used to toting around a large bag... but you should definitely pick a nice fun color for your Evelyne, since to me, an Evelyne is a young, fun H bag! That would definitely complement your etoupe. Evelynes also come in epsom, as well as toile combinations, so there really are lots to think about when choosing THE one. Good luck to you, and happy belated!!
  7. I agree with abbyroad, that you need to try it on.

    I love Rouge H :girlsigh: but it really depends what your style is like. I remember you wrote pink is your favorite color, and I have to admit that an Evelyne in Rosy would be lovely too. :yes:
  8. Chartreuse.......it's a fabulous pop of color and neutral at the same time.:love:
  9. I like the idea about color! I love bright colored evelynes! Good luck and let us know what you get! :yes:
  10. If they start producing the Evelyne in Rosy, I'm top of the list!

  11. ooh could you post a pic? i would love to see this combo!
  12. I have the TGM in Black ...Its such a handy bag for flinging on...As much as I love my Birkins they can sometimes be out of place at a market etc...
  13. I vote for rouge H, raisin, or gold - all clemence. Saw a rouge H while in Paris. :girlsigh::girlsigh: The person I saw was about your height but the bag was a GM size and I thought it still suited her well based on her more funky/artistic style.
  14. You may want to PM mistikat... I think she may have a lead on a brighton blue at the boutique!

  15. Callmelulu, The Evelyne clasp and the scarf ring are permabrass.

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