What color Epi to buy

  1. Ok- so i only have on epi- speedy30 manderin. and sooo want another one (thanks to the PF and all the comment son how great they are) they really are!

    Am thinking of either another speedy30 or an Alma. what do you guys think and what color?

    I know i can still get the mocha.. im thinking between the mocha and the blueberry.. any ideas? not sure what goes with more things
  2. I really like the Jasmin. Between the Speedy and the Alma I'd say get another Speedy. I'm not crazy for the Alma in epi. I really love the red epi. Between the mocha and myrtle I'd get the myrtle.
  3. Thanks kat. will see what happens. am gathering money so still have a bit of tiem to decide
  4. I :heart: Alma, so I vote Alma in that wicked Blue color (I am not sure what the official name for it is:shame: ).
  5. I'd choose the Myrtille as well - not a huge fan of the Epi Mocha - the blue, however, is fab!
  6. I love the myrtille! Such a pretty shade of blue :heart:
  7. I personally adore the black. I would go with the speedy, even though the alma in black is divine.
  8. I'd also go with Myrtille. Looks really nice w/ the silver hardware =)
  9. I like the re but the blue is gorgeous too!
  10. I tried on the Epi Jasmin in black, red and blueberry yesterday, and I liked the red the best. Even DH agreed, and he usually thinks black looks best because you can usually get the most use out of it :smile:. Next up, I liked the blueberry.

    Does anyone else think that the black in Jasmin looks more "matronly" (not sure this is the best word) than the other colors? Of course, that's JMO.
  11. i vote for red. if you want to do another epi speedy, then go for it, but i like alma. i have a red jasmin, i find it small, but if you dont carry a lot it may be perfect.
  12. I'd choose Myrtille too :smile: It's gorgeous.
  13. Every girl needs a RED bag!
  14. I Love Both Red & Black Epi! I Think The Alma Is Gorgeous In Red Epi!
  15. I'd have to say, Blue or Red.... for the Epi.... probably a Speedy?? or maybe and Alma??? i can't decide - sorry im not help! hehe!