What color downtown bag?

  1. I have the black patent leather muse and want to buy the downtown bag, however, not sure what color to buy. Should I do the black buffalo leather or the violet? What do you think of the violet? Can I use it for seasons to come? Would it be crazy to get the black patent downtown?
  2. only you know what suits your wardrobe and what you'd wear loads.

    i prefer and have the plain black. a perennial classic,i think. patent comes and goes and i think looks best in small doses. and purple is one of those colours that is in once in a decade,and very,very out a little while later.i think the violet downtown is a bit much for me.

    i think that the cypress green is lovely and can also be considered a neutral.

    but really,it's your choice.
  3. Have you seen the violet IRL? I have, and its a very sophisticated color, darker and more understated than you might imagine from the online pics. I think it would be wearable year-round. Also, as QuirkyCool mentioned, the cypress is very nice as well. Neither of those colors is bright or trendy, and I don't think you'd tire of them easily; they could work as neutrals. (I do think it would be unwise to buy a black patent Downtown, since you already have a black patent Muse.)

  4. Thanks so much for your thoughts. I am really considering the violet, however, someone said it's a color that is here today and gone tomorrow. What are your feelings on that? No, I have not seen it in person.
  5. I never thought that I'd carry a violet bag, but I just saw the violet Downtown a few days ago and thought it was breathtaking. I haven't seen cypress IRL but it also looks rich and deep.

    I agree with everyone else to veer away from getting the Downtown in black patent, since you already have the Muse. You can't go wrong with black buffalo.
  6. xlawson, you have to see violet in person. I agree with Cosmopolitan...it's very sophisticated and not as loud as you would think.
  7. How about the navy patent downtown? It is a dark navy blue, almost black...

    I agree with Cosmo and would not get the black patent downtown if you already have the black patent muse...
  8. Navy is an excellent choice. You can also think about gray.
  9. How about the croc embossed one? it's so chic!!
  10. I just got the purple downtown and violet is dark enough where it goes with just about everything.
    My dh actually thought my downtown was a dark brown until I wore it outside and he did a double take when he saw that it was really purple.
  11. Vixy, congrats on your violet Downtown! I think it would be so helpful if you could shoot a pic of your bag in the natural light, maybe outside, without the flash, so everybody could see how dark the color really is IRL. Just a suggestion.
  12. I just took a quick snap on my violet downtown for those who are interested.
    This is taken without flash and closest to what it looks like in person.
    It doesn't really scream "LOOK, I'M PURPLE". Lovin it :smile:
  13. I just got home and I get to see this eye candy first???? Drool!!! :drool: It really is gorgeous...you have to put this in the reference link

  14. Vixy, that's a great pic, thanks for taking it. The color looks true to life. You definitely should post your pic in the ref thread.
  15. Have to put in my .02 for the violet..I have this color Muse and it is gorgeous. Everyone stops me to ask about the bag and the color is not "in your face" purple, but a lovely hue of violet..it goes with everything, and the color is not going away soon.... good luck in your decision!