What color does Vachetta leather end up?

  1. What color does Vachetta leather end up after its aged? Please post pics if you would. Thank you!
  2. Those are gorgeous, Katherine!!!
  3. Wow! Very pretty. I am so tempted to buy a natural vachetta Willis but I want it to be "tanned" as well. After they tan does the leather still stain if you apple it? Thank you for posting you link too :smile:
  4. Well, I just put on "Lovin My Bags" protector on the Louis and so far they are looking crisp and clean. I think Apple would accomplish the same thing. I do think you need to reapply it every few months to avoid all the easy staining. I have to say I am very worried about my 2 Louis and it keeps me from using them quite as much as I would like to because the leather is ridiculously sensitive to the slightest scratches or stains (water stains, ugh!). But I am not sure if Coach sells bags that are SO untreated. My understanding is that their natural vachetta bags have some protectant on them too. But I could be wrong. I know Louis is raw leather and it's enough of a PITA that I don't see myself buying another.

  5. Kath......your bags look absolutely spectacular!! Beautiful job, the leather is a GORGEOUS color! I just love your bag collection and the variety of texture and color and style! I know you've said you have a lot of fun decorating your bags...well I can see why, my friend! Congrats on an outstanding experiement....A+ from this former science teacher! BRAAAVOO!! :yahoo:
  6. Thank you so much. You are so sweet!
  7. Now u really convinced me to use my lovin my bag LV care kits..I bought them n havent try them yet..a lil chicken..lol..I used non alcohol baby wipes on all my LV leather n now I want to use the care kits, fingers crossed..lol..love the patina on ur bag, so gorgeous..thanks Kath :smile:
  8. Wow, I love how kath00's bags turned out ... I thought I loved the original color best, but no longer. I want that lovely tanned color on my bags, too. I have the Poppy Whipstitch hobo in natural vachetta, does anyone know if that bag would tan in a similar fashion? TIA!
  9. Thank you so much for sharing your tanning technique! My natural Willis is coming out of her dustbag today - and finding a sunny spot by the window to sit!

    Your Lv's are amazing - infact, your entire collection is gorgeous:cloud9: Thanks for taking time to share so many thoughts on each bag - and pictures!
  10. Thank you! :hugs:
  11. OP, I too am just now buying some Vachetta bags. From what I've read, the vachetta tends to get "warm" which is great for tans, browns, etc. I have a white vachetta that I would prefer DIDN'T patina to yellower tone so I'm using Apple Garde on it etc. to protect it as best as possible. I also have a pink Leigh which I worry will just turn yellowish. I am hoping not.
  12. I hope they don't turn yellow too! Maybe the colors won't patina like the natural does! :smile: