What color does this look like to you??

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  1. I recently bought a WOC and just received it today. The picture the SA sent looked like a true red color but these pictures I took don't. I want to get your opinions on what color you think it looks like. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1458759850.955235.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1458759860.192022.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1458759878.831195.jpg
    I'm so sad because I've been waiting so long for a red woc in SHW ( that's another thing, to my awareness it was supposed to be SHW but this woc has GHW). This woc is lambskin, which I'm not opposed to , but I really wanted red, a true red like 00v:sad: i think im going to have to return this one :/:sad: . Brings me to my next question. I purchased from saks, if there is another woc or other item I would like to exchange it with could I do an exchange at another saks store? (I would be sending via UPS as I don't live near a saks , only one in Boston) thanks in advance!
  2. It looks more pinkish then red :sad:
  3. I know=( exactly what i thought when I opened it, it looks so pink. I am going to return it=( so sad The SA said its from 16C and the red has pink undertones, didint know that before i purchased!
  4. I too am looking for a real red lambskin. You might want to check out the new Spring Act 2 red which to me is more red than cruise but I think it has a orange tone to it. It also has the silver hardware you were after. Not sure if it's what I'm looking for but you may like it. Again - hard to tell from pics what it really looks like. Good luck

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  5. I've been told that the 16C red is more of a "watermelon red" with light gold hardware while the 16S red is more of a tomato orange red with silver hardware. My SA has both coming in for me to compare in the size I want. I am personally not looking for a true red like most, but am looking for a very specific raspberry red (in my mind), it feels more fun to me :smile:
  6. That looks like 16C. It is a raspberry color. Not true red.
  7. Yes it looks like a raspberry red to me too.
  8. It looks just like my Balenciaga City in Rose Thulian….a bright pinky red, not true red. I love it, but it is clearly not what you were hoping for. :sad:
  9. The one in your picture is pink but my SA may still have a new red one with silver hardware from 16S if you'd like her info..You can see a picture of the WOC on my Instagram- stylevialauren :smile:
  10. It looks pinkish red
  11. On my screen it looks fuschia/pink. Sorry it isn't what u wanted. If you want the true red try looking for the 00V red. Good luck!
  12. Yes - if you want a raspberry red the the Cruise 16 red is for you!!!
  13. Looks pink to me, not red.
  14. It looks fuchsia