What color does "ink" look like exactly? O.O

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  1. Hi people! I've never really seen the colour "ink" in rea life but I have seen lots of gorgeous ink bags here on PF! but everytime I see one..
    the colour looks a little different in the pictures! and sometimes..even very different o.o*

    sometimes, it looks like a black..and other times, I even see a light purple:shrugs: so confused..:sweatdrop:

    can someone describe this color to me (100% newbie)
    and would it look nice in a city? :idea:
  2. and i thought i wanted a magenta... wow i never noticed how pretty ink is!
  3. :yes: yup..u've discovered it! I'm suppose to narrow my list..but it just gets longer :sweatdrop: hehe
  4. at least for me, it depends on the lighting. sometimes it looks dark blue and other times, i see the purple more.
  5. My coin purse looks more purple to me ....

  6. It's really a chameleon. In bright light it's purple, which is why I L:heart:VE wearing it in daylight and at night it almost looks black. It's like having two bags in one - very versatile!
  7. I'm staring at my ink right now...I'm indoors and I see dark blue with purple undertones...no black! I :heart: this bag so much!!!! And I esp. love how multi-dimensional the color is...it really is the chameleon of bbags! :yes: