What color do you WISH b-bags came in?

  1. Are you deranged like me? Sitting there season after season hoping that balenciaga will come out with a bag in your dream color? Or maybe just re-issue one from the past?

    Mine would be a city bag in: Paris Green
  2. what is paris green? what type of green?
  3. they should make one in the color of the purseforum logo! and call it "tpf pink" hahahhaa
  4. ^^It's a brightish Jade green. Not as bright apple green, but brighter than pistachio.
  5. Either hot pink or raspberry.
  6. I know there is an "eggplant" already, but I'd love a plum/eggplant color... much darker, bolder, and richer. Preferably with pewter hardware.

    Also a re-issue of pewter, maybe in a shade more approaching gunmetal.

    Looking forward to anthracite.

    Would love more rich, bold greens like vert gazon.
  7. all metallic color with black hardware
    all pale color/ earth tone color BUT have the darker color at the thread and tassles
  8. Clear.

    Just kidding :smile:
  9. - a banana like yellow
    - a lime green similar to the hermes anis
    - a true antracite like the paddington color (judging from the swatch color post on Atelier Naff, the spring 07 color looks almost black, hopefully this wont be the case)
    - a strawberry red
    - a plum purple, like eggplant but richer

    - no more blues, PLEASE, except maybe a true aqua blue, similar to 05 turquiose except lighter
  10. I second that! With pewter hardware perhaps?:yes:

    Also, how about a purple/blue colour. Kind of like the colour of Tanzanite.

    :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:
  11. at first i was like :wtf: LoL!!!

    you know though... i knew a girl who worked at a dept store where all the employees had to carry clear purses so they made sure no one was stealing.... crazy...
  12. beautiful coral or another rouge theater but with silver hardware :drool:
  13. charcoal grey
    salmon pink
  14. i'd love another re-issue of pewter too, but with less "reddish" undertones!

    other than that i'd love another calcaire, but slightly more to the beige side rather than pinky, a true ivory so to speak.
  15. Definately more bold greens like Vert Gazon (not bright like Apple Green). Instead of introducing weird giant hardware, I wish they played around with the standard hardware we all love - using silver or even bronze perhaps???