What color do you think this is?

  1. Hi Everyone

    i got this bag from a client on consignment. She told me she couldnt remeber what color Balenciaga called it. She bought it fall 05...

    thanks for your help

  2. I am sooo NOT an expert--but maybe eggplant?
  3. Indigo?
  4. At any minute Ranskimmie is going to show up and yell INK!
  5. black? but i don't think it's real...hardware?
  6. According to the inside tag- its from Fall/Winter 2005, so maybe its navy?
  7. Hi...she is one of my best clients and i also know her on a personal level...the bag is for sure real...she buys 3-4 a season that's why she quickly gets rid of the older ones :smile:

    i'm debating wheater it's black or pewter...

    hardware is antique brass
  8. hmm....the tassels on the bag look brand new, they are still crimped from being in the plastic packaging.

    The hardware looks brass, it is just the photographs that make it look lighter than brass.

    As for the color the "Z" says fall winter, and 103208 means classique; on my screen it looks black - but, I doubt you would be asking for help with a black bag....I think I need a true life picture with backdrop to see the actual color.
  9. Does not look like pewter- must be black?
  10. Not pewter - definitely not pewter - if it is not black then it would have to be Navy.
  11. Hi, I've seen your auction on Ebay and I have been going to write you several times to say that it looked too dark to me to be pewter.. now I'm curious of the outcome!
  12. it does look black...just know that there was pewter (only saw photos and it looks very similar)...but i had first year black ones...and that black looks much more black...
  13. it's definitely not pewter. an '05 pewter would have silver hardware anyway.
  14. seem's you re right :smile:
  15. thanks..