What color do you tend to buy more?

  1. Okay, as I look at my collection I think I have a problem :smile:

    I have three unused black leather bags while I have already used both the British Tan Felicia and the Whiskey Lily. I noticed a lot of people were looking for pink and white items in the forums.

    I am just curious, what color do you tend to buy/use more? Do you ever buy a particular color that sits in your closet unused or gets returned but you keep buying it?
  2. I love brown and usually wear brown :yes: .. I am just venturing into black (and possibly white) :graucho: bags...
  3. I love brown and black bags but I am trying new colors, the problem is I can't get away from the browns and blacks. I'm just afraid they start to look all the same. People at work keep thinking I am buying the same looking bag but I know they all are different... :sad:
  4. I've been buying more the browns, blacks and blues. Although, I'm trying to throw in some reds and pinks when I find ones that I like.
  5. blue! 2 of my 4 coach bags are blue and there is ANOTHER one that I want!

    Plus most of my non designer bags are blue.

    but its ok because I wear lots of jeans and plain tshirts :smile:
  6. I'd have to say black, although I have a large variety of colors...except for white. I just can't do a white bag.

    Maybe it's because I live in MI and our warm weather season seems so darned short. I don't know. I just don't see me ever carrying a white bag.
  7. Definately Brown :smile: I just love that colour.
  8. I have a lot of browns. Before it was black, now I love the richness of a brown bag, but lately I've been dying to put a little color in my collection(specifically PINKPINKPINK!!!!) w/ the Heritage Stripe tote. I'd LOVE a white leather bag, like a shoulder tote or the pebbled leather Ergo tote that's coming out, but I'm not brave enough....I KNOW the first second I have it I'll get a mark on it. :sad:
  9. You know what would be amazing! A TEAL Ergo tote, I wish they would put that color back out...I think I'd have to have it.
  10. I used to always carry a black bag, and even now I prefer either black bags or bags with black trim. I am very attracted to beautiful browns, especially reddish browns like the whiskey color, but I usually return them because I don't feel like they go with anything I wear.
  11. I think 90% of my bags are black. I do have 2 non-Coach bags that I carry during the summer because I LOVE the color combinations (they are Vera Bradleys). Everytime I try to venture outside of black, I return it and get a black one. lol
  12. Usually brown but I've been coming out of my shell lately and now have citron, magenta and blue! My all time fav though is the chocolate signature!
  13. Black, black, always black! I think it's because my neutrals tend to be black, white & grey. Grey, esp., clashes with brown. But I've reached a point where I would like to not care about that so much - it's such an earthy rich color. I would really love to attempt brown someday (LUV the Whiskey Ali). I've never hung on to a brown bag for long, but the Ali may change my mind.

    Right now, I've got a rose Legacy sitting in the closet. Until last weekend, I also had a black leather Coach Hampton tote from a few years back (nearly new!) as it's closet-mate. My daughter offerred to sell it for me on eBay, so I bequeathed her with it when she flew back to Seattle.
  14. I have about half are brown, and the other half is colorfull! lol
    brown goes with more...but then again, i love my colorful stuff!
  15. you have her.. just sitting in the closet?!? :sad: Can she come and visit me?!? :graucho: