what color do u guys like most for reissue??

  1. what color do u like most for reissue??? im planing to buy it but i cant make a decision which color should i buy. yr answers will definitly help me for this plan....thanks anyway:tup:
  2. Dark silver from AW07, I haven't seen the one for this season yet.
  3. kwym! ~ they are all so gorgeous! ~ i'm thinking along the lines of 1 practical colour ~ probably navy & 1 still quite practical ~ but fun colour ~ poss dark silver but i have to see the green first as i :heart: green & wear a lot of it ~ it's hell trying to decide! :lol:
  4. torn between dark silver and patent black/ navy with golg h/w
  5. thanks Syma and Vikianderson.......
    im thinking about dark silver also...but still hvnt seen the close up pics....and green would be gorgeous too...its hard to get one
  6. I like the metallic black!
  7. i like the dark silver :tup:
  8. Haha...good question! My answer is Dark Silver of course! :tup: No actually, the new dark red is quite pretty. I'm considering :sweatdrop:
  9. sorry to sound stupid as i'm still new to chanel but i'm just wondering..does the metallic color on chanel metallic bags esp the reissues come off/get rubbed off as you use it?? the metallic coating on my gucci bags and burberry bags came off within a month after i used them and the SAs told me it's supposed to be normal?! that's why i shun away from metallic bags, i'm just wondering if this actually happens with chanel metallics? thanks!! :yes:
  10. Purple and Blue metallic :heart:
  11. Nothing I notice so far. I have my DS since Aug 07. I don't baby my bag while I do baby my son :p. & I wear it with jeans a lot. Once I accidently had some ice cream drops on my DS...Oops...but it was fine after I used the baby wipe to clean it up. THere's no mark on the leather at all. BTW, it's still smell good (I mean the leather:lol:)
  12. U are right, Ceci! Love the smell, hope mine stays on ....

  13. Black Metallic, I have one that's why I voted for it!! ;)
  14. I like metallic colors but not with gold hardware..except maybe gold with gold hardware..