What color do I pick?....plus a secret confession....

  1. So after combing evilbay for the past 3 weeks looking for the bag I want and only coming across one very used and abused looking one I caved and called Coach CS. Of course they still have my bag in stock....silly me why didn't I try there first...

    Now my problem is do I choose Whiskey or Black. My wishlist says whiskey but I feel like black would fit better with my wardrobe. It's style nbr 10324, also happens to be my avatar at the moment.

    Now for the juicy confession....How I found Coach
    I used to hate brand bags, well hate is a strong word.:wtf: I couldn't understand why anyone would want to spend so much on a bag. I used to pride myself on the fact that I never spent more than $30 for a bag. :shame: I would wear them til they fell apart and then buy more. Plus the cheaper they were the more I could get. lol I also used to detest the brand patterns and thought they were horribly ugly, now I crave the Signature C's.
    I thought that the fakes were even worse though, and always have. Cheap and ugly, and I still feel that way.
    One day I was in Las Vegas with my hunny and I won pretty big. This was a couple years ago when the bold scribble pattern came out. I saw that hobo scribble and fell in love. After my win I wanted to go straight to that coach store in Caesar's palace and buy my bag. My hunny said no, you know how you are you buy a bag use it for a month and then buy a new one. I knew deep down I would never want to get rid of that bag, and a little voice in my head said I would be a hypocrite if I bought it. So I went home and everytime I saw a woman with my bag I would sigh longingly. Two years went by and every so often I would check eBay for my bag but they were still going for so much-even used. But one day on CL I found her and promptly bought her. That was the first time I had even held a Coach and I knew from then on I would be hooked, but I love it. :heart: I have given away all my other cheap bags and have a healthy start of a Coach collection. :graucho: Thanks for letting me spill my dirty secret. I feel so much better. LOL ;)
  2. :graucho: Just wait , first you have one bag that you really like , and then you start saying things like " Oh that's only $298 ! that Cheap ! :biggrin:
  3. LOLOL Can't count the times I've said that!
  4. p.s. Black :yes:
  5. BLACK!!!!!! It wont show ANY scratches or dirt of any kind!!! I was just in this same situation...I couldnt make up my mind b/w the black or whiskey 07 shoulder bag, and the SA showed me that the whiskey gets very scratched up very quickly. These bags are supposed to look vintage, but that's a little too vintage for me! I chose BLACK b/c of that!!!!
  6. I never liked designer bags either but found I am very rough on my bags and the only bag that held up was Coach. I have Coaches from 25 yrs ago that still look brand new even after wearing them like crazy.
  7. Definitely black...like Mommyville said, whiskey will show every scratch unless that doesn't bother you...I love the bag you're getting by the way! I'm in the process of buying my mom her first Coach for her birthday. She likes smaller bags, the one you picked is really cute...
    LOVED your story! It reminds me of my mom as well. She ALSO buys cheapie bags and switches out often. I am trying to convert her over to Coach. I took her into the Coach store for the first time this past Friday and I couldn't get her to leave! She really likes Coach and is SO excited to get her first bag for her birthday. :smile:
  8. Hahaha I have a similar story about not understanding why people buy super expensive purses. When I first met my bf I told him this and then a year and a half later I convinced him to buy me a Coach for Valentines day! LOL.

    And black, the wiskey is a beautiful color but shows way too many scratches.
  9. BLACK! I love black bags, though!
  10. I was the same way as you at first and now I'm totally hooked too. :wlae: I say go with the black. The whiskey is nice but I have the Ali bag in black and I never worry about it showing a thing. It's very low maintenance imho.
  11. I am so glad you said that b/c I was stuck b/w the black and the whiskey for my 07 shoulder bag....hearing that the black is LOW MAINTENANCE ONCE AGAIN, makes me feel even happier about my decision!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!
  12. I'm going to go against the grain here and say whiskey. Last September I was in the Coach store, saw that bag in whiskey and applied for a holiday job there on the spot! All because of that bag. So it's a sentimental favorite.
  13. For your first COACH, choose Black, you can't go wrong. If the rest of us on tPF is any proof, this won't be your last!

    Enjoy your new bag!!!
  14. No problem ;) I really feel that the black legacy bags are low maintenance. I would read here on tpf about everyone rubbing out scratches in their bags all the time but honestly, I never seem to need to do this-once in a while if I'm really examining the bag closely but just by looking at it, no. Don't get me wrong, the whiskey color is gorgeous too though, but I love my black Ali and wouldn't trade her for whiskey ever!
  15. Hi Zoober - welcome to tPF! I have to go with the majority and vote for Black. I have a black Mandy that i use for work....I load her up and throw her around, and she still looks as good as the first day I brought her home.

    I also have a natural shoulder zip, and that shows much more wear even though I use it much less. Whiskey is a darker, redder color, but I don't like that I can see the scratches on the bag.

    Oh, and that whole confession thing? No worries....I think we were all there at one point in our lives. I would only get target / TJ Maxx bags. Then, I got a DB, then Coach, then ventured to a few other brands, and yes, I just got a bag with those other interlocking "C"s on eBay. :nuts: DH just knows that it was 1/3 the regular price (I'm only alive because he doesn't know what 'regular' price really is!) It was a really great deal and I couldn't pass it up. I still love Coach! And now? I'm thinkin' "Hey, I could go get the new Chocolate Ergo tote because it's only $328. heehee :graucho: you'll be there soon......