What color denim?

  1. What color denim is "IN" for spring?
  2. I believe bright colors are in. ie. red,yellow, etc.
  3. ^ Yeah, but ick - colored denims.

    I still love my darker jeans - never go out of style, such a timepiece. :love:
  4. yellow denim jeans?.. I can't imagine..
  5. So, darker shades or really light?
  6. i believe darker still in.. :tup:
  7. Another vote for darker
  8. I kind of suppose the darker denim will still be as popular as it is a flattering color to almost all body types.

    Personally I love white denim in the late spring and summer, but the colored denim isn't for me.
  9. I'm not a fan of colored denim at ALL. I think both light and dark.
  10. Darker denim and raw denim are imo the nicest. However I am starting to see a lot of light denim, especially on the high waisted, wide legged kind of jeans, you know the whole 70's look. I think light denim looks nice in that way, the 70s way, but not on low rise, tight jeans. Dark denim is the most flattering for most people though.
  11. i say dark also. theyre very classy and dark denim looks much more expensive than lighter colored denim