What color Compagnon???

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  1. Ok, now that I have my bag colors in order I really want to add a Compagnon. What color wallet would go best? Black? Or something different all together?

    Bag colors:


    * Getting dk brown day when it comes out
  2. for wallet, i would say dark color like red/brown or maybe red for more colourful but still fits with anything
  3. I would agree, black or a dark jewel tone would be gorgeous and goes
    with everyhthing!
  4. mm- I would get a bright fun wallet! I really wanted a compagnon in rouille this season, but AR sold out of them quick. :shrugs: but black or a dark color will last your forever! :yes:
  5. What color bags do you have? Black will be a good staple choice, but Ink is a very versatile color, too. Grenat will look good with the Brown Day...depends on what other color bags you own in addition to the Brown Day you are getting.

    Edited to add: Ok, I just read that in addition to the Dark Brown Day, you are getting an Ink Twiggy--go for the Ink then. :smile:
  6. Rouille!! :yes: :heart: :nuts:
  7. of the colors that you listed, i think the grenat would be perfect, since it will go with browns and blacks. i have a bordeaux compagnon which is pretty similar to grenat... i think it's a versatile color.
  8. I think Cultstatus has an Ink Compagnon. Any idea how their CS is?
  9. Cultstatus is in Australia... i've never ordered from them before, but i imagine it could be quite a headache!

    i like the idea of a compagnon in grenat. something fun!
  10. Like the others above, I think a red (either bright red like rouge vif or jewel toned like grenat) will match/contrast nicely with all of the bags you own. Plus, it will be a nice flash of color (since compagnons are obviously smaller than bags, it might be nice to make it stand out against your bag).
  11. i would say just go with what you love! i personally don't really care if it matches all my bags, just get something that makes you happy when you look at it!
  12. How about the sapin? It is a really pretty green - would go with everything except maybe the grenat.
  13. I agree with Esile, grenat would go well with the colors you have so far:yes:
  14. They are wonderful there! I've dealt with both Lily (the owner) and Amy. They were friendly, helpful and accommodating, will send u pics if you request it. Great over the phone and fast with replying to emails. Two thumbs up!:rochard:

    Back to the colour question.. I think the grenat would be super nice!:graucho:
  15. How about grey? It will go with everything.