what color coin purse goes best with camel?

  1. my hubby is buying me a coin purse tomorrow a,m., what color will really pop with camel?

    I need a coin purse to hold my keys!!!!!!They are scratching my wallet and makeup bag....

    all purses available at bal ny, leaning toward ink; what do you think???

  2. How exciting! I love Balenciaga accessories!!! What colors do they currently have in stock at BalNY to pick from? ;)
  3. Oh, I think rouge vif would be gorgeous with camel!
  4. i agree with ttucker. my husband , for our anniversary, bought me a black work bag.. and inside was a beautiful rouge vif wallet, the money style. When i asked him how he made the red choice, he said he figured it would be easy to see as you reach for it in your bag... he is so smart.. love him!!
  5. I think ink would be a fantastic color with it... don't do any metallics, they have been popular in clutches and change purses, but dont use them with this color. A patent leather ink change purse would be great. Fashionable but still conservative
  6. ^^^Sounds nice, but I don't think ink comes in a patent version....

    I choose Rouge Vif or Blue India :smile:
  7. Something bright and colorful to offset the camel. Go for the Rouge.
  8. I have a camel bag and yesterday I was looking at accessories and what the SA called "turquoise" (is this the current blue india??) looked amazing against camel. That's my vote.
  9. Ink would look great, it's just hard to find in a bigger bag, rouge vif, or blueberry should look great. Greige as well but might be a little too hard to keep clean!
  10. something bright would be lovely... go with the reddish options