What Color Code does my Veneta have?

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  1. Hey B.V. Fans!:smile:

    Just got this Veneta last Thursday in Venice, Italy:smile:

    Its the large version (I think, cause there 1 one more bigger one called Maxi and 2 smaller ones, the medi and the mini?).

    But I have no idea what color code my bag has, or the NAME, if one of you could help me would be great because I just have no clue.
    I looked into the Bag for some small card stating a number and the only think I found was the mirrow and a code stating 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 ?!
    But I got the bag at the Bottega Veneta Boutique.

    I dont think its the Eclipse is it? Because its more of a warm dark red!
    (the Eclipse is a classic?)

    Hope some of you can help me here!:smile::confused1:

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  2. What a beautiful color. I am new to BV and need all the help I can get in learning about these bags. Thanks so much for the pic.
  3. It's indeed beautiful, but I can't tell whether it's Eclipse or not from your pics. Try searching in the inside pocket for a little white tag. The last 4 digits in the first row should tell the colour code!
  4. Beautiful! It looks like Carmino.
  5. if you check the inside pocket - I believe 6201 is carmino and 6305 is eclipse
  6. Hm, thats the problem, there is no white sticker inside the pocket, though I bought it in the Bottega V. Store in Venice. I think its carmino, cause the eclipse is a very bright red.

    Are there only 2 red's from Bottega Veneta? :confused1:

    And if so, are both red's classics (stay in collection)?

    Thanks for all your help!
  7. What about Cassis, isnt that also a B. Veneta Red?
  8. hi SaskiaS, sorry I'm not familiar with the color code, but all I wanna say is that you've got a beautiful bag! Congrats! :woohoo:
  9. Gorgeous bag. Congrats!

    I don't think it is carmino or cassis. Probably eclipse. What colour is the interior?
  10. Dark brownish?!

    Does this make a difference?
  11. Then it is probably eclipse. Carmino has a reddish interior and cassis has the usual pale beige. This season has some of the bags with a brownish interior.
  12. I haven't seen Eclipse IRL but suspect this is Eclipse, mostly because I thought Carmino was basically sold out but also because it just looks darker than Carmino. My Carmino Montaigne also has a pinkish lining, not brown. Both of the reds are seasonal colors which means they are not available forever - Carmino was from Fall 2007 and Eclipse from Fall 2008. There was also another colour, Cassis, from Cruise 2008 which was more of a deep dark pink red, which I don't think this is either.

    You mention not finding a white sticker in the inside pocket - but just to make sure you are not looking for the wrong thing, the color code will not be on a sticker - it will be on a label sewn into the inside seam deep on the inside of the inside pocket... so sometimes you really have to get in there and feel all the way around the seam to find it!
  13. Ah ok! thanks BookerMosse! Will do so when I get back home.

    So the two colors, carmino and eclipse, are just seasonal, so next season (summer 2009) there will be prob a new red out again??
  14. SaskiaS, did you ever figure out what color your bag is? I'm not usually a red bag person, but your bag looks so dark and rich that it might make me reconsider!!
  15. Lovely bag! I don't know about the numbers though...