What color Coach snow boots?


What color Coach snow boots?

  1. Black/White

  2. Pink/Khaki

  3. Other Color- tell me!

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  1. I want the Marian boots for snow boots sine I have NONE!

    And was trying to decide on a color-

    I am getting them off eBay- (unless someone knows where they are for cheaper than @ $160?)





    Or other color?


    Also, how do sizes run for these boots? Does anyone know?

    I think I would be a 9.5?
  2. i don't have these boots, but i personally like the black/gray ones... really pretty!
  3. I just purchased these in black at the Coach store for $109 (or maybe $119?) on clearance. Call Coach and ask if they have any left??

    I usually wear a 9.5 or 10, but I purchased a 9. I think they run a little big.

    Does anyone else have these? Do they know how they hold up in the snow?
    Are they waterproof?
    Does the fabric stay nice looking in the weather?
  4. I have the Mariettes, and they run a tad big.
  5. If they run a bit big, I think I'll be ok with a 9.5?

    I usually wear either a 9 or 9.5 OR 10 depending on the shoe... Dumb shoes!
  6. For mine, which is just slightly diff. than your style, I got my true size, which is a 7. I just wear thick socks, but I definitely could have taken a 6.5 I think.
  7. dillards and macy usually has these on sale cheaper...or at least they had
  8. I have both you are looking at and brown. The black ones REALLY pop, but if you are a ok girl they are fab.

    I didn't see them on sale at Macys recently.
  9. Well so, I bid on a pair of the pink ones in a size 9. I got desperate and didn't want to wait to try to find them in stores...

    We'll see if I win.

    Kinda expensive--- $166. Ah well. They better last long.
  10. What's an "ok girl"? LOL I'm confused...

    Do you have pictures of your anywhere?
  11. stupid iphone

    If you are a pink girl...

    I have a picture of the pink ones somewhere on here. I wear the brown ones all the time and rarely wear the other two. BUT that is because I wear a lot of brown and usually carry a brown purse. I must admit, I LOVE the way the black ones look. Very eye catching.

    I can post pics for you tomorrow.

    BTW- water resistant, but I don't think water proof. I wear them in solid snow, but not slush. I wear 7.5-8 and bought an eight. They are also warm if you live somewhere cold.
  12. Hmm maybe I should have gotten the black! LOL

    Or brown... I usualyl carry my Mono LV or Leigh which is chocolate!

    Ah well...
  13. I have them in black/black!!! i m usually a 10 or 11 in coach shoes and i got a 9... its a bit snug but it was the last one lol! the pink/khaki is cuteerrrrrr

    for real trust me u wanna get a 9 or 8.5 if u can... they are super huge
  14. I love them in pink.
  15. I would highly recommend getting 1/2 size or full size smaller- they run big!

    Also, $166 is a bit steep- I may be mistaken, but if you call Coach won't they see if they have any at ANY of their stores and ship them to you?

    Like, I said, I purchased them at the Coach downtown Chicago for $109 on clearance.
    They had quite a few left in black and in brown- none with the pink laces though.