What color clutch would you carry?

  1. I have a beautiful pair of Mochino Cheap and Cheap glitter heels that I purchased last year. I just bought a very elegant DVF black cocktail dress. I was thinking of wearing the glitter shoes with it. I just can't decide what color clutch to carry. I have seen a glitter gold one, that may be too much glitter though. I have several black evening bags, I could take one of those, or buy something new. Or, I could wear another color shoe. HELP! I want to look chic and elegant, but I am confussing myself and now I am obsessing! I also thought of pewter or silver as well. Suggestions, thoughts? :shame:
  2. I'd wear the DVF black dress as planned and the glitter heels, absolutely. I'd choose a black clutch, maybe in satin or soft leather. I'd probably not use a patent leather black clutch, as you'll already have just the right touch of shine and sparkle with your shoes.

    Your outfit sounds beautiful! Have fun!
  3. I agree with Leelee you might want to go for something in black or gold, soft leather looks good. But I really want to say patent because I think black dress look great with a sleek black patent clutch but I'm not sure how much shine your shoes are giving. What color are the shoes? Gold or silver?
  4. satin black clutch would be TDF

  5. Thank s so much, they are gold glitter but not loud. They have a peep toe and not a bow but like a tie at the toe. I have been thinking about getting a Lauren merkin clutch.
  6. I think if they're not loud you can get a patent gold clutch. You can't go wrong with Lauren Merkin. Let us know what you get!
  7. I think the Lauren Merkin clutch would look great. Her black leather ones are very subtle but elegant. It would give your outfit a nice touch.

  8. You girls are the best! I have alot of tiny ones, but I go to events where I might want my digital camera, plus my Dad lives with us and is ill, so the phone is a must. I need an elegant clutch but one I can put something in. She also has a pale gold clutch, it is pretty too. Too many choices.