What color clothes do you wear for certain BBAG Colors?


Dec 16, 2006
HI!! Just wondering what color of clothes you wear with colored BBAGs especialy Rouille, Rogue vif, magenta, blueberry?

Outfits that will make your bag pop out.

Thanks a lot!
Well, out of your 4 choices, I only have the rouge vif City. I tend to wear it with black, blue, orange, yellow colored clothing. Just avoid green so you won't look like Xmas. :P

This darling red looks hot with jeans and any tees!
Black is my colour of preference, but I have no problem in mixing and matching colours

I think that a B-bag is good enough to be an attraction of its own and doesnt need to match other colours you have on

I rarely match everything I wear...

My mum always said that you should always match your bag with your shoes... but I wont be caught dead in a pair of blue shoes!
i wear my blueberry bag with EVERYTHING. i have bought alot of blue though... blue boots from anthropolgie some cute blue and white striped tops. I love it with red tops. I even wear it with all brown.

my grey bag i have been wearing with black and beige. I love how it looks with khaki.

i dont get my rouille bag till xmas! and i'm sure it will be like all other bags and be the perfect accessory to jeans and/or all black. However, i bet it looks awesome with brown, chocolate, deep brown. makes me want to go buy more boots!:P
Hi there! Balenciaga is all about colours... which other brands do you see such extravagant experimentation of the palettes. So be daring and experiment. A B-bag speaks for itself:yes:

Having said that, I do believe in some harmony when it comes to clothing on a woman's body. Magenta and blueberry are cool (blue undertones), vivid and clear colours and hence they should go with outfits that are from the Winter palettes. Examples of Winter colours are black, white, primary colours, bright pinks and royal purples and blues, emeralds, pine green. These colours will look great with the Magenta and blueberry.
I love how Rouille goes with spring/ grass green. I also think it is fabulous with blues and browns, white and black and grey. Rouge Vif I think goes with pretty much any colour. I don't wear it with green at this time of year, but Feb - October I think it's great : )

I wish you well,