What color cles with Mirage Noir?

  1. I want a new cles for the fall and can't decide on what to get. Any suggestions for this bag?

    I'm stealing Selena's pic:
  2. My suggestions:

    -Regular Monogram Canvas
    -Suhali [Black]
    -Taiga Badge Key Holder
  3. I love your mirage! my vote goes to mono cles
  4. Reg. Mono or Damier.
  5. Honey, you should defiently try something in vernis for this as it would accent the patent! I*d say go for AMARANTE! :tup:
  6. You are reading my mind! I like to mix it up. Just wondering if it was too out there?! KWIM
  7. I totally agree with the vernis suggestion.. the shine of vernis and patent together will be so complimentary!
  8. Pomme or red vernis

  9. Amarante would be beautiful! Maybe mono, I will have to put mine together to see...
  10. awh man, don't give me ideas. now i want a vernis cles for my bordeaux!!! pomme will be :love: but i do already have a flat pouch...maybe that means i don't need to buy a cles :smile: lol but i LOVE the damier one i bought...i put it on my keys and never realized how much i really do love it, and it's so easy having my change right on my keys! i want more cles! lol.
  11. I think the vernis would take away from the bag? I would do mono!!
  12. mono or vernis- i have to say i'm leaning more to the mono...
  13. I would totally go with Amarante Cles. I don't think it would take away from the bag
  14. mono or amarante are excellent ideas! :smile:
  15. I would do the Amarante cles.