What color city, mastic or vert fonce?

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What color city should I get?

  1. Vert Fonce City

  2. Mastic City

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  1. Please help me decide. I'm thinking of eventually trying a city and I can't decide which one to get. Mastic or Vert Fonce. I currently have a Plomb Day and Tabac Twiggy. I was thinking of getting a lighter colored bag, which would be the Mastic, but I ever so slightly like the Mastic somehow better in the Day style. But at the moment, I'd like to try a city before I start buying multiples of bags. I also have a toddler, so the dirty hands thing is also an issue. Thanks a lot! Let me know what you think. Here's my current Bbag family to give you an idea.

  2. Cute collection... hmMm.. this is a tuffy. Color wise... I have both the Sienna & Plomb & Vert Fonce as well.. the only thing that has held me back is the light color as well. It would be nice to add a light colored back to your collection... you have your cool & warm tones.. now a neutral is a good idea. With a toddler, you may find yourself using the longer shoulder strap than the handles on the city. Hmm... i say go for the Mastic~! :tup:
  3. With kids I think you have to go darker unless you're a risk-taker.
  4. I say go for the Mastic Joyce... OR... hold off and wait till spring and see what the new colors look like. :smile:
  5. Turtle, you know I would vote for mastic!! That said, with kids, you might be safer getting the vert fonce...that is gorgeous too!! The day style would fit you so well too!!! Holds so much and leaves your hands free!
  6. I think Mastic is a really great light neutral color (and I agree, for some reason it looks heavenly in the day style) and Mastic would be a good light bag since you do have 2 dark bags. Also, if you know your toddler is going to be particularly dirty-handed on a certain day (like right after finger painting? or playing in the mud? I haven't babysat in forever, I've forgotten that kids can be anything but adorable), perhaps a bbag isn't the right bag option for that day.
  7. That is a hard one! I just got a Vert Fonce messenger from HG bags and I love it, even more than I thought. The color is dark, but very beautiful irl. Have you considered the messenger, maybe you could even get it in mastic without worrying as much about the toddler issue with a light color? If you want the city, then I vote for VF! Good luck!
  8. They are both greta colors, but I prefer vert fonce.
  9. I would say go for the Mastic, you already have dark colors...
  10. Being a mother of a toddler myself and I have a VF and an 05 caramel (or was it called camel??...anyway) light color nonetheless....My VF takes such a beating without showing any wear or dirt, whereas my light camel bag is pretty dingy now after being lugged around with a toddler. I've read from others too that mastic does show dirt easily. I totally recommend VF. It's gorgeous!!!!
  11. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Vert Fonce. I truly think it's a PERFECT color in a city...and since you've decided on that style, I think a city in a dark color is perfection. I would hold off on another day in a lighter color for when the spring/summer collection comes out.
  12. :yes:I agree! LOL!! I have been using my sandstone gh pt the past 2 weeks and even though I've taken good care of it, I'm SOO nervous to leave it alone with my kids. Last night I saw Christian crawling towards it and I freaked. LOL
  13. LMAO...I can just picture it...baby crawling toward the balenciaga...mom screaming...chaos ensues...ROFL...
  14. I say get the mastic since on particularly dirty days you can use the plomb day which you already have anyway! Why get another dark if you don't want to double up?

    A mastic would compliment and round out what you already have. Plomb would be the one to reach for when you need to and mastic when its an 'easier' day. Plus the city has a shoulder strap.
  15. I say go for Mastic! I have a Mastic city and I LOVE it. Its such a great neutral and I think it will round out your collection nicely.