What color City is MK carrying?

  1. white .. yellowish ?

    the camel one is the weekender?
  2. pistachio city, caramel (or cognac?) voyager
  3. Pistachio city

    The larger one is trickier - I'm pretty certain its pony hair, so the colour would have to be the naturale (ateliernaff). And I think its a Work.
  4. I think its the seafom green.
  5. ^^ Its pistachio - the seafoam is more of a blue/green.
  6. I am going with pistachio.
  7. def pistachio
  8. I'm going with pistachio on the City too.

    The Voyage looks like the Camel ponyhair - sorry, but ick.
  9. I agree. Ick!
  10. I think it's pistachio! (Love it BTW)
  11. it's beautiful but from BagHunter's pic I figured it was darker...
  12. pistachio city, carmel ponyhair voyage
  13. pistachio city, camel ponyhair weekender