What color Chloe Mini paddington would you get? and some newbie questions! :)

  1. Hi there! I'm a total CHLOE newbie..so please excuse my chloe stupidity:sweatdrop: i'm slowly learning though:graucho:

    since I'm really short, only 5", I've decided that my first chloe bag would be the chloe mini paddington..

    just wondering which color you would pick if you were me since I have never seen them in real person..(sigh..I don't think they have them in Canada..?)..

    I'm trying to stay away from browns..since all the bags that I have so far is sorta brownish - (ex: my LVs and Coach)..so I'm sorta deciding between a lighter color or a reddish or even blue-ish color..actually..any suggestions would be awesome!! :rolleyes:

    and lastly, newbie question: I've read many threads about how the paddington is really heavy..I was just wondering for those of you that have seen the mini IRL, is it a lot lighter than the medium paddys or are they about the same?:confused1:

    thanks in advance!!:heart: :blush:
  2. the mini paddy in metallic looks AWESOME!
  3. wow! thanks for the fast reply!! :yes: :heart:
    i thought about metallic too..but was worried that it would look too dressy for just a casual day out..what do you think?? since I haven't seen it in real person..but I know some metallics are really in your face and loud..what is this one like?:confused1:
  4. no, it's not TOO dressy at all!!!

    well i guess the one out now is kinda taupey metallic.. i actually really like it. here's one on lvr.

  5. oh wow!! yeah..that one IS really nice!! I've only seen the metallic in bleu nuit..i didn't even know this one existed..i'm such a noob..:upsidedown:
  6. seee!!!! you can order it on www.luisaviaroma.com

    it's soooo adorable!!! I like this taupey color.. it can really go w/ a lot.
  7. I've heard metallic aubergine (eggplant) is a really neutral color that goes with alot, don't think its a current color though, you'd have to scout around on eBay. If you find something you like post the link to the Authenticate this Chloe thread and the girls will let you know if its real.

    I don't think you'll have a problem with the mini-paddy's weight.

    I love the taupe color, too. We'll keep looking for you.
  8. :rolleyes:
    thanks ReRe!! :yahoo: yup, I dont need it immediately since I have to save up anyways
    (just bought a balenciaga city), so i'm fine with waiting for the right bag, right color to pop out! thx for looking for me ~:love: :heart:
  9. i have a whiskey and castor mini paddy (see avatar)and both work well with a lot of my outfits
  10. thx!! so is the mini paddy a lot lighter than the medium one? :confused1:
  11. Yes, mini is lighter then medium, but not too much!!
    The colour I would suggest you is blanc..perfect for spring/summer!!
  12. This is the exact one I have, and I love it! I wear it all the time, day or night - and I usually wear jeans, tshirts and sneakers, so if it's not too dressy for me, it's definately not too dressy for you! I'm going to look for a pic to show you.
  13. I adore the mini paddy. I would get a nice pale coloured one, makes em look super super cute ;)

    its a nice decision to have to make, and congrats on your new balenciaga bag too
  14. Kinda OT...anyone know what the money translation is to American Dollars for this website? They really have some nice stuff.

    Nevermind I found it. $1 is 1.33 Euros. See all the important things you learn at TPF??

    I have a Paddy in Royal blue and it matches everything but I really love this metallic Paddy. Darn I always get in trouble when I'm here. :p

  15. what about red???or blue nuit?

    i've been lusted for those color!!!for long time>.<' LOL!