What color Chloe is Jenny M. carrying?

  1. Not sure what color this Pocket Satchel is but I love it! Cream possibly? Anyone? :love:

  2. I think more like Taupe?
  3. I'm not sure...I was thinking Taupe had more grey undertones in it but I haven't seen it IRL. :shrugs:
  4. front pocket satchel :smile:

    looks like taupe, agreed!!!
  5. ...woah...it's jenny mccarthy!! :wtf:
  6. Oh my....PLEASE help me find a satchel on sale in this color!! :cry: No luck with Saks, Nordies, Bloomies, or NM today in Atlanta. :hysteric:
  7. Yep...Jenny and Jim Carrey. Wonder if they get anything done besides laughing?! :p
  8. I'm agreeing with chloe-babe - it is taupe :yes:

    I have this colour in satchel style and it's really nice shade that goes with everything. On sunny days it looks just like Jenny's, on cloudier days it looks more like wet sand colour... it looks very different depending on the lightning, it's a bit chameleontic colour :p
  9. LOL!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Wait??
    Is this taupe or camel?
    Has anyone seen this bag IRL. Tried it on? Thoughts please.
  11. NM.com has it listed as tan.

  12. I don't know but I love the color! :love:

  13. Like that - 'chameleontic colour'...:roflmfao:

    I think it's taupe too - although lighting in pictures can be very deceptive, it doesn't look quite deep enough to be tan, IMO.:yes:
  14. bags for me, that satchel comes in many various colors... tan is way different than taupe.

    I thought it was the sunflower color actually. The sunflower in that style is sooo pretty IRL. It looked a little yellow in the picture

  15. ^ I thought of Jaune, originally, but after studying it, i'm still sure it's Taupe.