What color Chanel Aqualumiere lipgloss?

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  1. I'm trying this for the first time, It seems that Freeze is the most universal neutral color, and I'll get that one, but I'm in line for another , I'm lightskinned African American, Help?
    Any suggestions for another gloss and color, I do like light rose color on my lip :confused1:
  2. I love Rose Sand.
  3. I love Ironic Tonic (i'm med skinned African American). They are all so sheer that most of the colors will look good on a lot of different tones.
  4. i can't remember the name of mine and the tube just says 67. :shrugs: Might be the Diamond Rose.
  5. My favorites are bonbon and vanilla
  6. Ironic Tonic flatters most skin tones except very pale/fair. I always get tons of compliments. Looks dark and daunting in tube but once on it's not as dark.