What color car to get?!?!

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What color BMW 3 series should I get?!?!

  1. White

  2. Black

  3. Charcoal Gray

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Well, after much debate I have decided to lease a 2007 BMW 328i.

    I know that I want the remote start, Bi-Xenon headlights and the black interior with the burl wood.

    However, I **cannot** decide what exterior color I want! It is seriously driving me nuts!!

    The ones I am debating between are:


    2-Black (but what in the heck are the differences between the two shades of black they offer?!

    3-Sparkling Graphite (charcoal)

  2. GREY GREY GREY GREY :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    but im a bit biased :shame: ...

  3. i think bmws look best in black, just my opinion :P
  4. LMAO I know what color sheishollywood and LisaG will pick when they see this thread! ;)
  5. My husband has the BMW Oriental Blue Metallic. It is a gorgeous color ! If they have that I say go for that one ! I have a silve suv and I love it because it seems to deflect the sunlight and drinks stay cool in my car lol !
  6. His is 325 I so I don't know if they make that color in the style you are looking at but they may
  7. Pros and cons about each color (IMHO)


    Pros: something different for me (never had a white vehicle), stays clean, cooler (I live in AZ!) and I LOVE how the blue and white emblem stands out!

    Cons: some people I talk to say that the 3 series in white looks identical to a new VW Passat??


    Pro: soooo classy and timeless...much like my beloved Speedys! LOL

    Con: looks dirty the day after it is washed and I have a black car right now.

    Charcoal Gray:


    Sexy, glittery, probably easier than black to keep clean

    Cons: $500 extra (not THAT huge a deal, but still...), not sure how the metallic paint will hold up under AZ's intense sun, have had both silver and dark gray cars in the past. PLUS my cousin's wife just got the new Camry in dark charcoal and I DON'T want her telling people that I copied her! Argh.
  8. my vote is for Silver. I have alway owned only silver, I think its the best color and looks stunning in any brand of car.
  9. Black or the Grey.

    White honestly does NOT stay clean. The black would most likely show the most water spots though, if it is not dried properly. It has been my experience that it also shows the most paint swirls or cosmetic imperfections.

  10. ^ugh door dings!!! That is another con for the darker colors :sad:
  11. Charcoal, looks so sleek & expensive
  12. If we had a choice for our 330, we would have gotten the charcoal!!!! It is really pretty and classy :yes: Alas, the only car available for us then in 05 in the specs/options DH wanted was a black one. Otherwise we would have had to wait til the next shipment arrived! Second choice is white! I love white cars!

    The 2 blacks you are talking about is the Jet black and the Black Sapphire Metallic. The latter is sparklier, the former is a solid black ;)
  13. ^thanks!
  14. I have black vehicles. I love them but there is a lot of maintenance to them. You have to keep it clean and dried off(water spots are not an option).
  15. I can't even believe that this is a question!


    It literally shines in the sun! It's clean and fresh. It absolutely turns heads. It hides a lot of imperfections in the paint or on the body. It will stay cleaner looking and not show dust as much as the other colors. I have had white cars and they were one of the easiest things to care for.

    HOWEVER, DH is in the background screaming for you to get the charcoal grey. lol