What color burberry scarf should I get?

  1. should I get?
    Camel Check or Trench Check?

    I can't decide. Ashley is wearing the camel check and Amanda is wearing the trench check.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. i personally like trench check better
    camel reminds me of mustard.

    have you tried each against your skin?
  3. trench check for sure. but ultimately whichever one looks better on you. for example, i know from past experience that camel color will make me look kind of green and sickly in the face (which is unfortunate because I do enjoy the color!!)
  4. I have both trench and ivory...personally I like lighter colors better for burberry~
  5. I have the trench check and I love it. So I vote for trench!
  6. My vote goes for Trench.
  7. I definitely prefer the trench - for some reason I have never really cared as much for the camel.
  8. I prefer the trench, but I wear my gray scarf the most. Just depends on your personal taste. :yes:
  9. Go for the trench. I have it and every time I see the camel I'm thankful I went for the lighter one.
  10. The trench check!!!
  11. trench all the way-love the subtle color and looks richer to me-camel too yellow for me
    I have the trench color!!!!
  12. trench.

    I have seen camel knockoffs too many times to tell if its real or fake
  13. Thanks sooo much everyone!!

    I'm going with the Trench Check!!:smile:
  14. ^^ Good choice!!!
  15. Trench for sure.