what color balenciaga day to get?

  1. help ladies, i wanna get a balenciaga day bag, but don't know which color to choose :wondering...i've gotta black twiggy, which is my 1st & only b-bag...all of my bags, except for my LV speedy are black...what other colors would you suggest?
  2. are we talking new colors or older? i like bright colors in the day
  3. whatever colors they have available in the stores right now :smile:
  4. How about cornflower. Such a pretty blue.
  5. speaking of which there's a cornflower day bag at Sacoche Boutique in Bahrain and I believe they're having a sale right now on all bbags:graucho: :heart:
  6. thanks so much for your advice ladies...i'll try & go to the balenciaga store this weekend & check 'em out :flowers:
  7. Did you sale BBag SALE?????? :blink: Amour, you're killing me LOL
  8. YES YES YES!!!! I think they only have a few more left sooo hurrryyyy!!!!! :graucho: :heart:
  9. for the DAY i'll probably go for something bright... cornflower blue, or rouille... cant wait to see what you get!
  10. i like reds, so i'd go with the rouille.
    or rose.
  11. What sort of colour clothing do you wear? If you wear quite muted colours, like blacks, browns, greys, then you may get a punch of colour from a cornflower or something brighter. If you tend to wear much brighter colours, you may want to colour match, or chose something more muted. I wear muted colours, and I got my first Bbag this week in cornflower. It is amazing! They also had rouille (my next one) and grey, a deep green, a purple, a brown, as well as a beige (but it was in a style with a flap - not a first, city, hobo or twiggy). The colours really are delicious!

    Good luck with your purchase!

    I wish you well,

  12. thanks so much for your replies everyone :smile: ...i live in nyc & mostly wear neutrals...but in the summertime, i like to brighten things up a bit...i've never had a bag in a fun color, so maybe now is my time to try...i really love the old bordeaux color & heard they have a similiar shade coming out for fall...i should call the girl i know @ the balenciaga store & find out when the new colors are coming in...i feel naughty thinking about buying another one so soon :shame: ...but i'm in love with the hobo/day bag & need something that will hold more stuff than my twiggy...i'll have to put it on my AMEX, but i suppose that's what credit cards are for!!!