What color Bal bag will go with these Chloe shoes?

  1. I love these shoes and where them a lot, what color Bbag would go with them the best? Thanks!

  2. I'd say 05 caramel... I'm sure there are other colors, but I can't seem to think of any off the top of my head right now. BTW, love your shoes!
  3. I think ss07 French Blue would look totally TDF with these!
  4. Maybe the new Siena??
  5. I have these shoes and love them!!!!

    I would carry a black city. A similar colour bag is too matchy matchy I think and I would want the shoe to stand out all by themselves.

    Also a dark green olive, or even a dark blue/navy would rock.
  6. Those shoes are great! They'll really go with anything and you can choose your bag to go with your outfit.

    I don't do the match thing, so I'd say Sienna, Olive Green, Cinnamon from the Fall collection. FB or VG from Spring. I mean really those shoes are very versatile.

    If you like to match shoes with bags, caramel 05 or 06. I've never seen irl so I'm not 100% sure.
  7. I agree with the 2 quotes above, the shoes are lovely by themselves and if you try to match them you won't be able to get it exact unless you buy a Chloe bag so go for something different to complement rather than match.
  8. Oooh, I think FB or VG would be stunning with those shoes
  9. Cute shoes and I think something red would rock :yes:
  10. I'm thinking Rouge Theatre, Vif or the new Tomato
  11. Are we thinking matchy-matchy?

    I'm not a fan of matching everything together, so I'd agree with the girls that say Sienna, Tomato, Vert Gazon and French Blue.
  12. i :heart::heart::heart: the shoes!!! i think something neutral cream, like naturel, greige will look gorgeous with these shoes, without taking the attention away from the shoes and looking matchy-matchy (:
  13. ITA - red with neutral looks awesome. cute shoes, too!
  14. I think '05 or '06 caramel if you want to match shoes to your bag. If not, then black or whatever color matches or blend with your outfit. Cute shoes.
  15. I would go with someone that compliments the colour, not too matchy.

    Any of the dark blues, or even *sigh* the eggplant.

    I don't have that bbag colour wheel, but i would move the shoe around the colour wheel and see which best compliments it.