what color bag would you like to see from MJ?

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  1. I would love to see a pale pink with a pearlescent finish. I think that would be just lovely.

    What would you ladies like to see?
  2. another mustard, I never get enough of that
    and green, lots of green!
  3. ^^ I agree with you on the green. I'd love to see a deep purple a la eggplant, plum or maroon.

    While we're wishing, I'd also like to see the return of silver h/w with some of the calf colors.
  4. ^ there is a plum for the current season. it's very pretty. :tup:

    i would like to see more blues. it seems that's the color that isn't released as much, and when it is, it's available in a style i'm not keen on. a true bright blue would be perfect. similar to spring 07 blue or midnight! :nuts: i'd also like a lobster red too. cherrytart is nice, but i wish it were available in the quilted bags and not just the patchwork.
  5. You're right; I had forgotten about that.:Push: Though I do remember a gorgeous clutch, or maybe that was another season. . . .
  6. I would love to see other shades of blue as well. Like a nice robin's egg blue. :yes:
  7. I agree on different shades of blues....

    I also would like to see warmer shades....rusts, olive greens, dark reds, burgundy, mustards. More browns.
  8. ^ Rorosity, you hit it on the head for me! Warmer shades, those are the ones that I tend to go for. Maybe there will be some great ones this fall? I would love to see a dark, metallic purple. Something dark, like "Eating Eggplant" nail polish from OPI.... (wearing it right now & just thought it would make a great color for a bag!)
  9. Shop2drop1, I don't know why warmer colors (autumn shades) are so difficult to find. I love them. Oranges, too. I think they are really flattering on a lot of people. I like avocado green, too! It would be so great to see that larger Blake in some of those shades.
  10. Yes, the larger Blake in something warmer. That would be ideal! I am trying to restrain myself from buying the Blake in the hopes that the larger Blake is a fall 08 reality. Of course there are PLENTY of other MJs to distract me until fall 08 arrives....:lol:
  11. I wish those new bags styles would get posted on the MJ site. I want to see if there is anything (especially the new Blake) that I can set my sites on.....I am waffling back and forth whether or not the current Blake would work for me. Every time I think about purchasing one, I think it might be too small.
  12. A really great aqua, not MJ's spearmint, aqua, or seafoam, but a really great bluish greenish aqua. I would also love a reissue of the true emerald green from a few seasons ago. My dream combo would be anything black, but with shiny black HW :drool:
  13. yum... I think a pearlescent finish in white/ivory would be beautiful!
  14. Everyone's suggestions are great! Love the idea of a pearlescent finish! Just to add,I'd love to see more reds in the soft calf collection.
  15. Oh my God, black with black hardware..that would be SEXY.