What color are your toenails??

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  1. Julep Ebony. Love the rainbow holographic sparkle! 3ce514202737c607d826466b42cd309c.jpg
  2. 20190528_100722.jpg
    Proenza Schouler x Lancome- Pure Nude
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  3. EVP - Kilauea
  4. Opi madam president
  5. OPI DS Glamour
  6. 14355DD3-B343-4B58-8147-8031354FF2C8.jpeg Essie Haute in the Heat

    Photo source: essieenvy.com
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  7. Opi by popular vote
  8. OPI Mrs. O'Leary's BBQ

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  9. Source: imabeautygeek.com 81fd0dd18d2b491a24f16dfe920f8464.jpg
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  10. zoya - missy
  11. Opi somewhere over the rainbow mountains
  12. Revlon X Ashley Graham Color Stay Gel Envy. I love everything that is shiny and sparkly.
    nail polish.jpg
  13. Sally Hansen - persa-tint
  14. 20190627_144736.jpg
    Sally Henson- Lacy Lilac
  15. Opi madam president