What color are your toenails??

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  1. I just got mine painted black and am laughing thinking that I better not wear any orange because then I will look like a jack-o-lantern! :biggrin:
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  2. Bright red! I :heart: it
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  3. shimmery coral. it's only been two days but i'm already sick of it. i thought it would be fun and summery but it doesn't suit my super pale skin. time for a pedi! :smile:
  4. tutti frutti tonga by OPI... my fave! its like a cross btwn a pearl and a seashell
  5. Hee Hee..

    I just wiped off my coral polish so my toe nails can breathe!
    Currently they are natural pink!!:graucho:
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  6. at the moment my toes are NAKED!!! its winter over here so its time to put those jandals away and let my toe nails breathe for a few months... generally they'd be painted... Strawberry Electric - revlon range!
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  7. bright magenta...something OPI, can't remember. got a mani and pedi for my b-day :biguns:
  8. french pedicure as always *i am such a bore when it comes to that* its always either french or matador red from chanel :heart:
  9. dark purply clour, almost black. love it!!!
  10. I usually prefer reds for my toes, but right now I've got a French pedi.
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  11. I was just thinking about this topic as Im off to my mani pedi at lunch time....right now they are red....I think I will go back to my strawberry margarita...OPI..clear on hands.
  12. OPI Couture - It's sort of a coral color with diamond sparkles
  13. red ..on toes!
  14. Beautiful medium shade of Pink


  15. I was just at the supply house and saw the new diamond dust line-I bought an orange and I think Couture? I couldn't decide,they were all so cute! Too bad they were sold out of Ruby-that was the best diamond color.

    Currently I have a french pedicure and I am painting my fingernails with the new OPI diamond dust orange color.
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