What color are your nails right now?

  1. I'm punkin' it out with OPI black onyx. I really love the black trend right now, but I also loooove Halloween - so black works with both! :love:

    How bout you?
  2. I have on OPI's "Got a Date To-Knight".

    It is a really pretty sheer pink...my nail guy puts two coats on so it is alittle more opaque:smile:
  3. Chanel black satin from a halloween party last night
  4. mine are like a white/pinkish - i did them last night but they look like CRAP! LOL!!!
  5. French manicure. I tried the black polish, but I'm a coward, I think I'm too old for it. :shame:
  6. Mine are MAC's Nightfall.
  7. I had a french manicure but I'm in between mani's so they are *gasp* au naturel right now.
  8. Fantasy Maker's Black. It's chipping so I need to redo it, but then again a manciure sounds sooo good.. :graucho:
  9. Classic red, Chanel Pirate. Probably my most favourite polish ever.
  10. I just did mine Chanel Black Satin
  11. Essie, Ballet slippers
  12. French
  13. Right now they are a hot bright pink with some type of chinease design. I am not too impressed with it, but its a nice play.
  14. Pink/White...
  15. i'm pretty sure it's essie madamoiselle...but i have about six essie sheer pinks that all look nearly the same to me once they're actually on my hand. i wonder why i keep buying them?
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