what color are V Beckhams CLs?

  1. Hello and Happy 2008!!

    was browsing through popsugar and saw posh in these amazing rolandos! anyone know the color it looks like a poppy red much nicer than the dark red ive seen...seems perfect with a bright color for rolandos...want to track these down :girlsigh:

    80102y1_beckham_v_b.jpg 80102y1_beckham_v_b_gr_01.jpg 80102y1_beckham_v.jpg
  2. she kind looks scary in those pics!

    the shoes are TDF! Perhaps they are from the new spring/summer 2008 collection? it's not really like posh to wear shoes from previous seasons :p
  3. I am fairly positive these are the fuchsia/hot pink patent rolandos that are supposed to be part of the resort collection. Saks was supposed to carry them, but supposedly the buyer didn't order them. IDIOT. LOL I'm sure somebody else will get them though.
  4. These are the ones I saw in the October issue of In Style, but they appear brighter than the ones VB is wearing, but that could just be the photos?
    CL Fuchsia Patent Rolando.jpg
  5. ^ HOT! i want those!! lol
  6. When I was at Las Vegas I did see a burnt orangey coloured Rolando. It was more of a red/orange than the wine coloured Rolandos that we keep seeing here.
  7. My thoughts exactly.
  8. My thoughts exactly! I think the flash in the photo just gives the shoe a more red appearance.

    I wonder who else will carry the fuschia patent rolandos.
  9. no way!!! what a moron that buyer!! posh does look awful in the pics but the shoes are amazing....i want them!! hopefully if a tpf member sees them she tells us :s
  10. Yes I told my SA at Saks NYC jokingly that they needed a new buyer. lol I would have ordered them in a heart beat. I will ask around and see if anybody knows for sure whether it was ordered or not.
  11. total MISS outfit. it could have been classy if it weren't for her boobs reaching for the sky. She also looks like she's having difficulty walking in her Rolandos... typical "stars are just like us" moment!
  12. these look more orangey-red to me than fuchsia. i saw some like this red in patent at the bh boutique but they were the very prive 70s.
  13. :love::nuts::heart: so pretty...
  14. I would have responded sooner, but I just got finish wiping the drool off my keyboard.

    Love, Love, LOVE those shoes!! When I get my pair, im probably going to wear them everyday!! lol great question, I like that color as well