What color are the LVs on your MC heart?

  1. When I picked up my mc heart I was all set to take a look at different ones to see which had that best color combinations but I ended up with a not-so-great SA and was just happy to get outta LV with my purchase. I ended up with colors that are not so much my faves: magenta, purple, mustard, and blue on one side and mustatd, magenta, purple, and lime green on the other.

    How about everyone else out there with an mc heart?
  2. I have no idea what color pattern my MC Heart has yet.
    Because I won't see my MC Heart until Feb 21, even thought its all paid for. I will let you know when I get it. I'll post pics.

    have you decided what you will put your MC heart on? Are you using your MC Heart?
  3. I don't really have any big bags and all my bags are damier or mono. The only bag I tried it on that looks halfway decent is the damier speedy. I guess that's why I wanted it in pomme.

    I did, however, try it on a denim baggy in the boutique and it looksfab. I am hoping to get one soon.

  4. I have exact same color pattern on both sides
    hrtprse 015.jpg hrtprse 014.jpg
  5. Nice to see the true fans I haven't purchased a mc piece in so long I forgot about the colors. I guess I do like mine - one side is purple/teal and the other
    black/purple - as if we all even had the choice in the matter lol - I was just happy to get it period:yahoo:
  6. Wow, that's weird!

    We have twins separated at birth! LOL
  7. Oops I was just looking the the two main hearts - okay one side is exactly yours - magenta, purple, mustard and teal blue with the blue being towards the tip of the heart. The other side is pink, black, "vividian" green (I am an artist) and purple.
  8. am I the only one who has exact same patterns on both sides??
  9. i like your color combo!
    i love the lime green!
  10. IMO, the MC heart coin purse looks really good on the Pomme d'Amour handbag.
  11. I guess that makes you really special :yes:
  12. Mine is the same on both sides as well. I like it that way. :smile: