what color alexandra should I get?

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  1. If I return my sophia I may get another alexandra. this purse just seem to fit my style. I have the berry so I'm not sure which color I should get. I like the acorn but was thinking about the apple color. my boutique didn't have this color on display. so which color, apple or acorn or maybe even black? tia
  2. I have acorn and love the color! Goes with everything, anytime of the year.
  3. Berry or Acorn
  4. Do you have a great leather all purpose black bag??? If not I think the Alexandra is a gorgeous bag and is AWESOME in black!!!

    Otherwise if you're one to carry brown purses the acorn is lovely too!!
    I'd stay away from the apple unless you plan on kinda planning outfits around it. I have the apple patent charm tote and I love the color but I have like 20+ bags so I can have those odd colors and still fall back on and depend on my other standard bags!!!
  5. Get the acorn!
  6. Well, first I was going to say the Berry but you already have that......so.....my vote would go for the black. Nice and basic. 2nd place would be acorn. I saw the apple IRL and I just wasn't feeling it. It's a hard color to pull off.
  7. acorn~
  8. Have you considered the embossed croc in lilac? I saw it on the website and it did nothing for me, but then I saw it in person with Mandyfin on the weekend when she bought it and almost bought it myself - STUNNING - classy, timeless, just gorgeous. I think you should consider it. :biggrin:
  9. Acorn! I love green too, but the Apple is a bit too light for me. Is there anyway that you can see Apple IRL at another store?
  10. I love the berry, blue and the black! I think it's a hot bag in black!
  11. Oooo, good info to know, codegirl.

    If I had to choose between apple and acorn, I'd choose acorn because it's more of a neutral. Apple is cute for a pop of color though, if it goes with much of your wardrobe. And I agree with crissy that the lilac is beautiful. I love mine!
  12. I have the berry too and dearly love this bag. If I were to get another I would definitely get the acorn. It's a rich beautiful brown.
  13. There is a red/bordeaux one posted in the preview thread....it might top them all!
  14. UH OH, are we gonna be bag twins on that one too? It's so gorgeous - I don't like red bags that are too INYOURFACE, in the Alex, it stil looks classy and timeless, not trendy and garish. I'm putting it on my Christmas list for DH. Are you getting it? That's if we can - so far it looks uncertain that we'll get access to it, right?