What college/university did you attend or planning to go ?

  1. What college/university did you attend or planning to go ?

    Im undecided between NYU, Columbia , UCLA
  2. Im going to college soon (Im at high school at the moment) But Im undecided between about 3 colleges. I dont know which to choose LOL
  3. I went to NYU for grad school and I loved it, but I didn't have the full student experience because I was working and going to school at the same time. I always picked up on a good vibe from the undergrads, though. Congrats on having to choose between 3 great places!

    I've heard excellent things about Columbia, too.
  4. First university of Oslo, and then hopefully I can do my masters or PhD on some Ivy league university later or Berkeley or MIT if I decide to study technical stuff.
  5. University of California, Santa Cruz. :yahoo: Might do my grad work at SF State, though.
  6. FairyBag, do you mind me asking what you're going to major in? For me the deciding factor was the program the school had for my major. If you contact the schools, they can usually put you in contact with a student in your major so you can really find out first hand what its like. Did any of them have the 'sleeping bag weekend' thing where you can go and attend classes for a day? If so, did you go?

    For me, my decision was made when I stepped on to the campus and it just felt right...not to mention the awesome program they had. Good luck! :smile:
  7. I am a proud Alumni of The Ohio State University!!!!! :yahoo:

  8. ^^This is so true! I visited NYU and Emory (it was between those two schools) and when I first saw Emory, I just knew it was right for me. And it was- don't doubt that feeling!
  9. I went to the University of Alberta, Canada!
  10. Went to NYU also. LOVED it !!! But just keep in mind that you don't have a "normal" campus like you would a different college. You are stuck in the middle of Greenwich Village. Of course for me it was perfect, but some people I'm sure would prefer a more structured campus, kwim ?
  11. University of Hawaii here!
    No idea where I'm going for law school, though. Hopefully no where cold.
  12. ^Same as Emily!
  13. Really? I'm planning to go there...but hwere I really want to go is Berekely.
  14. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill!
    Go Tarheels!
  15. Wow so many of attended great universities. I think ambrosia said it the best pick the best schoold for your major. I majored in interior design so I went to a private school...Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising.