What Collection ??

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  1. I have a questions regarding the various Chanels I have purchased. All were purchased in 2007 but what collection(s) are they from.....:confused1:

    1.) 2.55 Reissue Navy Patent with new chain in gold - was this from Winter 2006?

    2.) Classic Flap White Caviar with silver interwoven chain - what collection was / is this from?

    3.) GST - Grand Shopping / Shopper Totes -
    Caviar/White with Silver hardware
    Caviar / Beige with Gold hardware

    What collection were / are these from?

    All I know is I bought them in 2007. I would like to know a bit more about the collections these were or are from....

    Thanks ladies.:smile:
  2. Do you still have the boxes and tags? The information the boxes and tags will help in determining season and year.

    I believe the Navy Patent Reissue is Fall 2006 - there's no "collection" aside from "reissue"

    For the others, you'll have to consult the boxes/tags. The classic flap is from the "timeless classic collection". I think the shoppers are too - but not 100% sure.

  3. Thanks for the help!

    Yes, I still have the tags and boxes - I will check them. So, do you know when the "timeless classic collection" started?

    You ladies are the best. It is a lot of fun learning more about the bags and all the sharing on this site - I love it.

    Thanks again Smoothoprter!!!