What collection is this Mahala from...Attn: Robynbenz or Samantha

  1. Jmcadon thought one of you might know. TIA

    Re: Random call to Neiman's...scores Jimmy Choo bag on sale!!!
    Robynbenz or Samantha might know. I'm not absoltutely sure. But I think it is from the Morse collection. It may even have been SS 06, although I can't imagine a store having one around for that long!
    Choo Bag 11.jpg
  2. What do ya think?
  3. Jarmom - It is the Morse Collection. I think I told you Theola on the other thread. I don't know WTF was wrong with me, yipes! :girlsigh:
  4. What a find, Jarmom! Really, I'm so excited for you! It looks so pristine! :yahoo:
  5. Wonderful SCORE Jarmom :choochoo: :happydance: :choochoo:

    I think it is from the Cruise 2007 or else the S/S 2007 line :confused1: I know Cruise 2007 was the first release of the Mahala.

    When it came out, I really did not care for it, but that opinion changed quickly :push:

    Enjoy your gorgeous bag and especially the price:yahoo:
  6. Wow. It is really good nick. Congratulations!