What collection is this from?

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  1. Hi ladies!
    I have a question about a bag im looking at on eBay I was hoping you would be able to give me some sort of year / collection of when it came out? I would appreciate it very much, thanks!;)


    if you need the full ebay listing let me know -- and I hope I posted in the correct area!
  2. A bag that appears to be exactly like the one you posted, sold on Malleries.

    Here is the item number and link below.
    Item #: MAL-199-19936

    In the description it lists the serial number as:
    Numbered authenticity sticker is INTACT. Serial #3268873.

    And if you go to the "Chanel authenticity tips". thread:http://forum.purseblog.com/chanel-shopping/chanel-authenticity-tips-308404.html

    You will find a chart that list the serial numbers and year(s) that corresponds to production ( the bag you are interested in looks to be approx. 94 to 96...just based on what I know from the bag on Malleries, which to me appears to be the same style bag) )


    9XXXXXX series - 2004 to 2005
    8XXXXXX series - 2003 to 2004
    7XXXXXX series - 2002 to 2003
    6XXXXXX series - 2000 to 2002
    5XXXXXX series - 1997 to 1999
    4XXXXXX series - 1996 to 1997
    3XXXXXX series - 1994 to 1996
    2XXXXXX series - 1991 to 1994
    1XXXXXX series - 1989 to 1991
    0XXXXXX series - 1986 to 1988
  3. Awesome thank you very much Purrrfect!! I know I wish the sticker was still in there but since it wasn't I had to resort to some experts :smile:
    Thanks again!
  4. You are welcome - I am by no means an expert...just call me a detective. hahaha. ;)

    It was only by chance I saw your thread, after just being on the Malleries site.

    Mon has found some others - so the production years are expanding for this style.
  5. thank for sharing this valuable information
  6. yaay!
    ah thanks Mon !!
    Very appreciated :tup:
    those other ones look way more sturdy
    --but thats probably because the one I posted was used more? who knows