What Coffee Table Books Do You Have ?

  1. What Coffee Table Books Do You Have ?

    We Have :Vanity Fairs Hollywood
    Raphael Soyer, by Lloyd Goodrich.
    Nineteen Century Decoration by Charlotte Gere
    Anne Geddes, Until Now
    The New Tiffany Table Settings, by John Loring & Henry Platt
    I Dream A World, by Brian Lanker
    The Fashion Book
    Natural Dance, by Hal Eastman
    Hati Portrait D Un Poys, by Daniel Kedar

    Whats on Your Table ?
  2. I usually like to keep the coffee table clean. ^_^ But one thing I do have on the table is the tv remote. That enough entertainment because right when people come over they see we have cable and a plasma ws tv they go straight for it. :biggrin:

  3. Funny, I guess we have more of an intellectual group of people that come to visit us in our home. :biggrin:
  4. All of my coffee table books are about decorating, my other obsession.
  5. All of mine are on Broadway and musicals.
  6. All of mine are related to art..

    Boston Museum of Fine Art
    The MET
    The Works of Turner
    etc, etc,,,

    except for LOUIS VUITTON, The birth of luxury.
  7. Currently
    Louis Vuitton - The Birth of Modern Luxury
    Jack Vettriano - A Life
    Essentially Lilly - A Guide to Colorful Entertaining
    Antonio Gaudi published by Feierabend
  8. My latest is called "Portraits" by Steve McCurry- he was a National Geogrphic photographer and it's full of faces from around the world. It's a great gift to give someone, I gave several of these books out at Christmas time.
  9. Too many to list!

    They're stacked in the guestrooms or boxed up in the basement until I find a location for them.

    Herb Ritts - Herb Ritts
    The Pirelli Calendar : 40 Years, The Complete Works
    Playboy: 50 Years : The Photographs
    Four Inches
    Big Nudes - Helmut Newton

    I have every book by Henrietta Spencer-Churchill
    The Mansions of Long Island's Gold Coast
    Unmistakably French - Betty Lou Phillips
    French Influences - Betty Lou Phillips
    Alberto Pinto: Classics

    Cartier: A Century of Wristwatches
    Verdura: The Life and Work of a Master Jeweler
    Elizabeth Taylor: My Love Affair with Jewelry
  10. 1000 Places to See Before You Die
    travel and fashion magazines
  11. Louis Vuitton - The Birth of Modern Luxury
    Wines of the World
  12. I have a few on Audrey Hepburn, a Norman Rockwell one, a few on art history and one on Faberge that I just loving paging through.
  13. Vuitton and some photo albums downstairs,
    upstairs is "mine" so all this months rag mags and my phonebook.
  14. my very favorite coffee table book is postsecret by frank warren


    my hubby has one called portraits from ground zero from time life magazine. it's a ton of portraits taken right after 9/11 of firefighters, police, emts, widows, kids, survivors etc with each of their experiences on the opposite page. it's really moving.

    neither one is actually on the coffee table though. :biggrin:

  15. WOW !! Thanks for sharing that izabet, its really very touching. :heart: