What coat are you going to wear this fall/winter?

  1. This is one thing that I desperately need -- but I haven't really been able to find the right thing. It would be easier if I weren't currently quite poor, of course!!

    Has anybody bought a new coat recently? Or will you be (as I likely will be!) babying an old one into the fall/winter season?
  2. I'll be wearing the same old down coat here this winter.
  3. i recently bought a new marc jacobs black wool peacoat i'll be wearing :smile:
  4. I'll be alternating between my red Max Mara belted wool coat from last year and my Aritzia long beige parka from the year before that!

    If I do get a new jacket this year it'll be one for snowboarding!
  5. I'm thinking about finding a peacoat or a wool coat.
  6. I am regretting not buying the Michael Kors military-style wool coat I contemplated last year because this year I still want it! But now I think I'd like it in red. Meanwhile I guess it's my plain old Ann Klein black wool or this really awesome shearling coat I bought from Boston Proper way back in 1999. It's kinda dirty though.
  7. i bought a mackage coat for winter. it's a canadian designer and the cuts are amazing, great silhouettes. it's black wool with leather detailing. i bought one last year and couldn't walk down the street without someone asking where i bought it.
  8. I need a new wool coat. My old Banana Republic one is 4 years old and falling apart. I love this BCBG one at Saks, but I want to try it on first...


    It's $560
  9. I got a grey Michael Kors peacoat last season on sale so I'll be wearing that this winter. I also have a dark grey Calvin Klein full length coat and 3/4 length DKNY black coat I like to rotate.
  10. i have a miu miu coat that is over a year old and i can't wait to be reunited with it this winter. plus i have 2 petite bateau coats (one red and one grey) that i wear for more casual errands.
  11. Don't know what kind of coat I want to buy this winter, probably a black fitted wool coat, no embellishment, that I can put a Roberto Cavalli belt with a snake buckle over it. I also want a long fitted fur and a camel wool trench with a fur collar (similar to the Burberry Prorsum one on the runway).

    Buy a red fitted wool coat. Red coats are gorgeous and go with the whole monochromatic popular look this fall.
  12. My black TH fitted wool coat and my "JLO" Aritzia coat. :yes:
  13. I'll be rocking this Dolce & Gabbana baby again (only my is fuschia):
    Dolce coat.jpg
  14. Gorgeous LV. But won't you get cold in that Canada winter? Do you layer a lot?
  15. I have a Milly boucle coat that I love and an army green wool coat. I also got a reversible nylon coat with a pleated collar/hood this summer. I don't think I should buy another coat...I really want a bell/swing coat though.