What Coach to get Mom?

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    I have enjoyed getting hooked on Coach again, it's all your fault! I have had various pieces of Coach along the way, beginning with a pocket purse in 92, Station Bag, Willis Bag, various briefcases and signature stuff...but never really considered being a collector until I found this forum while feeding my other addiction, LV. In the past few weeks I have spent money I shouldn't have, most recently on a Jade Cotton Satchel...LOVE IT!

    I have decided to get my mom, age 68 her first Coach. She is really simple.....a gram as my kids say. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks so much.
  2. Siggie stripe tote is perfect! But a legacy leather bag would be timeless. If she prefers signature I'd say the legacy shoulder zip but if she likes bigger leather bags a whiskey shoulder would be ideal-- what is her taste?
  3. Hamptons carryall, leather or sig.
    Very elegant AND very classy.
  4. I like this style, and wanted to get it for my mom - but it is only available at certain outlets - and I couldn't get to the outlet before Mother's Day... I am going to keep an eye out for it though.


    It is a Soho Flap Satchel bag, I believe. Style #8A11
  5. I agree! That's what I got my mom.
  6. i got my bf`s mom the signature stripe shoulder tote in black/grey. she loved it. she`s probably in her mid-60`s right now
  7. im letting her pick it out herself. there is no way i can pick something out for my mom.