What Coach period Gal/Guy do you consider yourself to be?

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  1. As I was chatting with Brahh, she mentioned that some gals are from earlier periods and some just joined recently and haven't seen much of how Coach has evolved over time.

    I discovered Coach pretty recently (around November 2007). Even though I bought my first Coach handbag--a black/black siggy Hampton Swingpack for $128 from the Coach boutique, I consider myself to be a 2007 Fall Bleecker Leather girl. I just love the Bleecker leather and the nice Tattersall lining. The smell of the Coach leather is just so heavenly and the leather texture is beyond description.

    I don't really consider myself as a Legacy gal because it's too posh and rich for my blood and I found Soho line to be rather dull and Hampton too boxy and rigid. The Ergo line I find just too loose and I was too late for the 2006 Ergo stuff and the 2008 Summer Ergo stuff was established after I have gotten comfortable with Coach handbags. So, the 2007 Fall Bleecker line would describe me adequately. The darker autumn colours suit my skin tone and mood so well.

    So, what Coach period Gal/Guy do each of you consider yourself to be if you were to name just one main theme?
  2. Definitely legacy. The vintage yet timeless look, the thick sturdy leather, the stripes, what's not to love?
  3. Yup, BDP! You came around the best time when Coach was really experimenting with the best leathers possible!

    Around that time, I think the Bleecker and Legacy were toe-to-toe in quality. I love the Bleecker buckles and braided straps and got a few of these gorgeous babies in my collection.
  4. I really like the Bleecker leather too... I just sadly am not a tattersal fan :sad: I tried though, I really did.
  5. Even though I came to Coach earlier, I didn't really fall in love until the Madison line. So I consider myself a Madison girl! :P
  6. Totally a Soho gal!

    (Bland and neutral is so my theme)
  7. T-Girl ~ I discovered Coach years back when they only had counters at some of the high-end departmental stores over here and before their first FP opening. Back then, I knew nothing about Coach and I didn't even care to look because I was only a HS student with no extra money to splurge.

    Although I have liked Coach's earlier designs, I seriously didn't go crazy until I saw and fell in love with my Ali. I'm totally crazy about her. She's simple, pretty and timeless. So yeah, call me an Ali gal even if Ali is not that popular among Coach lovers :yes:
  8. Yeah, I think if I started as early as you did, I would probably say Legacy would be my line. I think the Bleecker Duffle caught my attention when I really started to fall hard for Coach. I loved the Legacy Shoulder Flap of 2007, but I found the prices too intimidating. Even though the Bleecker was also expensive, I was lucky to get some at really good prices at a boutique sale (Yorkdale) so I feel closer to this line than the Legacy. Since I live too far away from the outlets, I really missed out on the great Legacy sales and didn't have a chance to get myself the great bags like the Gigi or Leigh. I did get the Bleecker Shoulder Flap and the Bleecker Zip Hobo and a couple of Bleecker Duffles so this line gave me a leg up on Coach luxury. I also really got into the Tattersall line because so many people posted lovely pictures with this lining which won me over.
  9. I discovered my love for Teal with my Madison Crossbody so I can totally relate. :yes:
  10. The Soho line is nice and I have a few in my collection, but I have seen so many gals in my city carrying their Soho khaki hobos everywhere. It was turning into one Soho town like you wouldn't believe. Surprisingly, they disappeared to be replaced by khaki Carlys and then now they are MFF Gallery Totes.

    That's probably why I love the 2007 Bleecker because they just came out around the same time that the Coach boutiques opened in my city and most girls rarely ever carry this line in my city.
  11. It's good you haven't lost your mind to Coach like some of us here. :graucho: I still feel giddy when I peruse my older handbags.

    I am guessing that you like the 2009 Ali. This bag is very pretty and it kind of reminds me of the Ergo bags as well as the easy Soho hobos of 2008. Since I got those styles established in my collection, I like the Ali but they seem to duplicate what I already have. If I didn't have my previous bags, I would be tempted to grab an Ali too because they are a nice simple yet elegant design.
  12. I'm mad about Madison!
    It's been my favorite line as a whole by far!
  13. This is tough. I think I'd say I'm a Penelope girl. I love, love, love the pebbled leather and the colors (I got the pink in 2 bags)... apparently I gravitate toward that! I had 4 bags before I got my Penelope shopper, but she was the first that I HAD to have. Although, I've felt the same about my Maggie. She's classic & cool and my Penelope is fun and uplifting. Typical girl, always changing her mind! :rolleyes:

    I wouldn't consider myself Legacy, not a huge fan. Don't really like patient leather. I didn't ever go crazy over the scribble... Yeah, I'm a Penelope or Maggie girl............................... or perhaps Parker. :wondering
  14. Thank God I don't have any credit cards because if I did, I think I'll end up in debts. There are lots of pretty Coach stuffs that I would like to get my hands on but I only spend what I can afford. It's quite funny how I keep adding more things to my wishlist or to-buy list and only to remove them later by "discussing" with myself what I like and dislike about an item and whether or not I can walk away from buying without regretting in the future and stuffs like that.

    Since I can't afford everything that I like from the old to new designs, I figure I should just continue my collection with the latest designs and not think too much about the older ones even if I used to like them.

    Speaking of Soho and Ali 2009, they are quite alike but I think Ali is not as "stiff" as Soho :love:
  15. Although I only have a few pieces from the line...I would say I'm a Bleecker girl...from their leather to the signature..there isn't a piece I don't like! I think the Large Bleecker leather duffle is my ALL TIME favorite Coach bag! It doens't matter the color it doesn't matter the style I LOVE ALL THINGS BLEECKER!